Monday, January 16, 2012

Doctors Saikyou no Meii eps 5-7


I really like the idea of Sagara addressing the problems with doctors not respecting the nurses by fanning the flames of war, so to speak. The cause change, things must get worse better getting better or else there will never be a confrontation. I was hoping Sagara would put on the evil hat and didn't particularly enjoy him revealing his intentions to Miyabe. I can understand that its time to make her an ally but I'd rather watch him manipulate her and get her pissed off.

The good thing is that Sagara never need to preach. He just prods. However, I was hoping things got really worse and the way things came together in the end was disappointing in the sense that it was pretty generic. I can excuse it because of time constraints though. Perhaps the doctors vs nurses story should have been a two-parter. I just wanted to see Sagara act Moriyama and insult the nurses with Moriyama watching in shock and awe.

I liked the teasing of Moriyama becoming assistant director. That would present an interesting challenge for Sagara and a nice way to up the difficulty. Alas, it was not to be.


Very enjoyable episode. The super doctor Sagara stuck in a bind and the best part was Moriyama tempted to help out because he wanted to be able to diagnose something that Sagara could not. I'm loving his character more and more because his pride can be a source for good, comedy and he doesn't need to and shouldn't turn over a new leaf so to speak. Moriyama put his pride over sucking up to the magazine writer and I was laughing when he was struggling to put the x-rays back so no one finds out that he was looking at them all night.

I like the cause of Sagara's inability to diagnose. The cause is a nice way to challenge a super doctor without using mumbo-jumbo explanation, get Moriyama involved, do your usual feel good ending and get Miyabe out of the boring nurse uniform. Sagara uses the Top 100 surgeon report to great and funny effect on the doctors. Watching them all of a sudden act kindly to patients and staff while being mistakenly self aware that they are being observed is a hoot.


One episode away from the end and its sad when the members Team Moriyama blame each other for becoming more serious in their work because I would have loved to see a few more episodes of Sagara manipulating them. It was a signal that the story with the other doctors is done and its time for the main story.

I really like the main problem presented here because I would definitely agree with the father's stance. It is such a huge sacrifice and would lower his quality of life. No viewer can doubt what the ending will be but I hope it is not overly sentimental and will not ignore the negative consequences on the father's life. I'm happy that its an interesting moral dilemma that got me thinking.

Moriyama gets humiliated and I like how he is so aware of Sagara's manipulations. Moriyama is smart enough to know what is going on and he knows its a good thing but his pride will not let him accept it. That's what makes him a compelling character and I wish we have a few more episodes of Moriyama blowing his top as everything goes according to Sagara's plans and Moriyama being the one who knows what is happening. Like when he finally confronts Team Moriyama and asks them the obvious question of why they hang around him when he has not done anything for them. I like smart characters and smart but flawed character are even better.

Very sad that there's only one episode to go. I have a feeling that its not the usual 10 episodes because its not that easy writing schemes for Sagara to do. I'd rather a writer keep the episodes to whatever is necessary to tell the story than stretch and slow the story down.


Antspace said...

Ep 7 felt a bit artificial. Moriyama seems tempted, but won't... I think : ) It would be murder and that would be out of character. I really didn't like the evil hostess. where did she come from all of a sudden? I did like Sagara's ultimate gamble. Moriyama won't kill, but a mistake can not be ruled out though : p

Antspace said...

... but by the way, I really love this series : )

Akiramike said...

Looks like the hostess was just evil. I like how the writer got Moriyama to live out his evilness while doing good.