Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Suzuki sensei ep 6

I've got a bunch of doramas and jmovies to write about but right now I want to write about the show I had the most fun watching. Yes, Chucks is back and after a long wait, episode 6 is out! I tried watching it raw but there were bits that I couldn't get and Suzuki sensei is one show where the dialogue is very important. Episode 6 deals with the aftermath of ep 5 where Takechi went nuts and is now on a sabbatical from school.

In order to smooth things over and get Takechi back, Suzuki sensei suggested that Konno, who was one of the main rivals for Ogawa bring Takechi the newsletter. Nakamura volunteers to go with him but Kawabe Ayaka hijacks Suzuki's grand plan. Suzuki sensei is similar to Doctors in that it is about human manipulation but we get to see the thought process and things never go according to plan.

So Ayaka visits Takechi and the next day she shows up at school with band-aids on her neck. I won't spoil what happens but suffice to say episode 6 is a dialogue about breaking up and sex, specifically nama (raw) sex. Whether or not one agrees with Suzuki sensei's view, his delivery just makes it a hoot to watch. His acting here is so much different in quality from his acting in Mita. Goes to show how important great dialogue and and well fleshed characters are.

Once again in ep 6, we have another great performance from a young actor in Ayaka. She is able to play someone in puppy love, desperate and the scene with Suzuki sensei in the infirmary reminds the audience that she is so childlike and yet talking seriously about something so adult. Couldn't they have gotten young actors of this calibre when they casted Mita?

The humour of the series comes from character saying unexpected things but they believe what they are saying. There's no winking at the audience as Suzuki sensei has to deal with issues that Kinpachi sensei would not touch. Actually Kinpachi sensei has dealt with some rather adult stuff but Suzuki sensei doesn't talk down to the audience. Its not preachy and not black and white. Suzuki sensei presents his opinion strongly but the audience is allowed to make up their own mind. Actually, you could say Suzuki sensei treats his students like adults.

Big cliffhanger at the end of ep 6. Just when things were going so well and I was looking forward to the students speaking their mind. Ep 6 has not dealt with the two big mysteries of the series. I'm guessing Asami got back with Suzuki because she knows he is trying to overcome his Ogawa obsession. As for whether Ogawa really has powers, we have 4 more episodes to find out.


Anonymous said...

talking bout sex in front of your mother is like someone just pointed a gun in your head. and maybe i could ask that person pointing at me to shoot me.

i guess with the advancement of technology and world wide web, kids' thinking are advance as well. i think this show reminds us that we should be prepared. kinda spooky though.

i think Ayaka is that lil girl in gonzo. the future is bright for that kid.

Akiramike said...

You just gave me a great idea. I should get my friends with kids to watch this. It'll probably give them nightmares.