Thursday, January 05, 2012

Arakawa under the Bridge eps 1-3

Arakawa is a very weird, fourth wall breaking dorama based on a manga. Riku, our main protagonist is a rich guy who's motto in life is to never be in debt to anyone. His life is saved by this girl Nino who claims to be from Venus and he has to live with her under the bridge.

This mysterious village is populate by strange characters lead by the kappa played by an unrecognisable Oguri Shun. Nacchi is in it playing an orange headed character and we've got a dudes dressed in nun outfits, bird costumes and starfish heads.

I like weird shows but the first 3 episodes of Arakawa are neither interesting nor funny. Its just weird for the sake of being weird. No interesting characters to latch on to. Characters doing activities that have no meaning like building rockets out of bottles. I just don't get this show.

Its clearly:

1) Not a comedy. I didn't even get one chuckle from 3 episodes.

2) A slice of life show in a commune filled with characters that don't make sense. If I'm not suppose to use my brain and its not funny, what am I watching for?

3) Has no main story to look forward to.

Possibly Arakawa could get better. Since the manga was made into an anime there has to be something worth watching for. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything enjoyable about the first 3 episodes and there's no compulsion for me to continue.


Anonymous said...

It sort of picked up around episode 7 for me. Definitely the strangest drama I've ever watched, but not so awful that I dropped it.

Akiramike said...

So does it get pretty good or does it just more watchable?

Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't go as far as "pretty good" but more watchable and kind of interesting. The fact that it ends with the announcement of the movie to follow sort of makes it seem like a multi-part movie trailer.

Anonymous said...

This drama disappointed me so much, mostly because the anime and manga it is based on are so absolutely amazing. All the bottle-rocket making etc makes sense in there, and the strangeness of the characters have reasons behind it which though never directly addressed still help the show gel.