Friday, December 09, 2011

Matsui Jurina 2011 calender

Got this shipped from yesasia and they did not put in in a cylinder! Thanks for putting it in a long box that was obviously crushed on the way here. Don't think there's any way to remove those folds.

Zzzzz, boring. The only way ping pong and yutaka can work is with cleavage. Since Jurina is jailbait so they shouldn't have attempted this shot in the first place. On the other hand, that didn't stop Irie Sayaa.

I like this one. Akimoto sensei should pair Jurina up with Itano Tomomi can call them ahiru guchi. The best pic in the calender.

Boring. Don't see the point of doing a collage.

So much better.

First time I've ever had a calender where the idoru wears the same clothes twice. Shows that they made it for cheap. Most of the pictures are bland and boring. They have mute colours, no depth and look very amateurish. Compare this crap with the awesome Mano Erina 2011 calender. Kinda makes me wish I had taken a punt on the Kurashina Kana calender.


Jung said...

Some day, Mike will stop torturing his readers with his crappy phone camera pictures... -.,-;

Too bad about the folds though... They don't look too bad. I'd put them in damp place for couple of days, and then iron it with a couple of layers of bed sheet on top of it. Try with your last favorite one.

She looks really old for 1997... haha frightening to think that if I had a kid in college, I'd have a kid her her age... =.,-;

bframe5 said...

They should have hired me instead.. ><

Anonymous said...

I like matsui reina better like most people... why do you still like matsui jurina.

she looks so creepy in the everday kachusha mv.

Jung said...

like this one?

I think Mike likes em young.

I have a strange thing for Hitomi Yoshizawa these days...

Anonymous said...

no.. in the music video she tries really hard to be cute and it's like... it doesn't match her and it just looks creepy.

Akiramike said...

Jung, blame Samsung for the stupid camera that only takes good pictures in broad daylight. If she were your kid, I don't think you'll be letting her out of the house.

Bframe, your photos on flikr are definitely much better.

Anon, I actually find Matsui Reina creepy lol. Probably from Majisuka.

Jung, age has nothing to do with me living pure and innocent things.

Akiramike said...

Jung, thanks for the link. I miss old school momusu so much.

Anonymous said...

This is replying to an old post but some of the comments here are just too unfair. How is Jurina creepy in Everyday Kachuusha? I didn't find her trying hard to be cute, certainly not any harder than the other girls in the PV. And really, a 14-year-old acting cute seems natural to me; at least much more natural than a 20 year old. And there's nothing really wrong with that photobucket picture. It's just a picture of her before she became an idol. Compare with other members: