Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Incomplete subbed jdoramas.

Aibou season 9. 2 eps subbed.

Its got 9 seasons so it must be good, right? Last sub was released in March 2011. Haven't watched it yet but will probably try the two eps to see whether it is more than your generic Japanese boring cop series.

853: Detective Kamo Shinnosuke. 4 eps subbed.

I wrote a bit about eps 1 and 2 here. Frankly, its a pretty bad show and I have no idea how it managed to average 10% ratings.

Dandy Daddy. 3 eps subbed.

Last news was that Renai fansub was picking this up but that was in September. Will probably finish it raw since its stupid fun.

Madonna Verde. 4 eps subbed.

Sadly last update was in September. I really like this show. Its very different and I'm glad that Kuninaka Ryoko is playing a despicable character who is more rounded. Will definitely finish it regardless of subs.

Pro Golfer Hana. 6 eps subbed.

The coach is bloody hilarious but the rest of it is run of the mill. Last sub was ages ago. I'll definitely try to finish it raw but the jokes might be impossible to understand with my limited Japanese.

Tomehane. 2 eps subbed.

You don't see doramas about calligraphy everyday but I don't have any desire to watch it raw since its pretty mediocre and has lots of difficult words.

Last Present. 1 ep hardsubbed.

On my to watch list. Its got Amami Yuki, Nagasaku Hiromi and Fukuda Mayuko. Should be pretty easy to watch raw.

Room of king. 6 eps subbed.

I dropped it after 4 episodes.


Anonymous said...

This is why I now wait until a drama is finished before watching it. I can understand how this happens, but it sure sucks if its a drama you really like.

Sonnaaaaa~ said...

I'm secretly hoping GOLD will be finished -- it was stopped after 5 episodes I think. I don't know if it's your kind of drama though. Amami Yuki kind of reminds me of one of the Cosbys from The Cosby Show but I can't place why.

I usually post anon but there are so many anons so I decided to go for a line from GOLD hahaha.

Anonymous said...

i was hoping that the medical drama shimei to tamashii no limit will be subbed since it's from NHK and taken from a novel by keigo higashino. also combinig the ultimate eye candies in jdrama, kana kurashina and ishihara satomi. that wont stop me from watching the raws though. even the at least an english translated novel is not available.

i guess if they put at least one johnny dude, it might probably be subbed. i guess putting a johnny doesnt hurt at all? haha..

Akiramike said...

The wait for Gold is what is stopping me doing a best of 2010 list.

Shimei to tamashii no limit sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

you should learn japanese... look into ajatt, anki, and the koohii forums.

some of these dramas you mentioned have japanese subs so very accessible for learning japanese if you're at the right level... even if you're not you can still learn something from the drama even if it's not everything!

seeing as how much more dramas you've seen then me..... i don't know you're not pursuing japanese learning sooooooner.... or at least more hard-core. like you can rewatch dramas that you'v ealready seen raw or just listen to the audio or read through the japanese subs that are available on d-addicts and learn etc etc....

best of luck.