Sunday, November 30, 2008

Room of King eps 1-4

Room of King starts of very well. You get introduced to certain characters who are later approached to stay for cheap rates at a luxurious apartment. They do not realise that it is all a set up for a game between three old dudes with the name Ijyuin. The purpose of the game is unclear but it seems that the Ijyuins selected the people because there was a strong possibility they would be 'King' or rich and famous. So basically its like a race to see which of the occupants becomes king first.

The premise is weird, but that's ok when they use it to explore or do stuff you don't normally see. Like the bank robbery scene at the end of ep 1. That has to be the funniest scene that I've seen whole year. Its so random and wacky and unexpected. I thought that was the key to this series. The cook suddenly appearing and doing something completely random. That was comedy genius.

Unfortunately, the show quickly plunged from the great heights of episode 1. It got mired with the boring characters and their boring lives. Its worse than watching Big Brother because the writers would have written interesting conversations or have stuff actually happen. We've got a lazy part-timer who's done nothing, a neurotic OL, a doctor who keeps doing the same thing every episode and a stylist who spends 4 episodes worrying about how to dress someone like gundam.

In summary, there are too many character threads and nothing actually happening. I wouldn't have minded, if the other 3 episodes were actually funny. This show is complete fail and is a waste of Suzuki Anne's acting talent. Just watch episode one for a laugh and know that the rest of series is not as good.


Jung said...

Now that you articulated the problems, I think I now know why this show has become a drag to watch. I thought I really came across a true gem, so I continued to watch it. But I found myself enjoying it less and less.

I guess I've been simply riding the momentum of episode 1, and I'm coming to a grinding halt. All I look forward is listening to the whacky opening song, and drooling over flower shop owner Shinohara...

Jung said...

oh look what i found btw

Thanks for the Nanase Futatabi writeup. I would've passed on it otherwise.

I know sparqi says the ep3 turns bad, but I like it so far (ep4). Sparqi, you suck!

sparqi said...

jungchan! kimochi ga warukatta yo! hehehe

Im usually a sucker for the supernatural theme...but nanase should worry less about being evil (wtf?) and more about being pathetic... The seer guy says on the phone whilst on a sparsely populated island served by one ferry a day that he hasnt enough time to explain something or other crucial to the plot...ummmm...etc

The show is over for me when I feel embarassed on the show makers behalf.

Jungchan..slap..slap..snap out of it man!! I fear for you!! How can a man who bingoed shinohara (groooan..pant...sob...) enjoy this series (and that girl)?

btw Bloody Monday has been the best series for me so far this season...not for the chicks either (shocking!)..

Best jachick...the wife from gira gira! (Ashina Sei?) Is she Okinawan? The series however is average and a touch annoying.

Jung said...

Mmm mmm I Ashina Sei... really the only reason why I even bothered watching Swan no Baka. *cough*

Haha I honestly, if it weren't for Renbutsu Misako, I probably wouldn't bother with the show.

Thers's something um... compelling, mysterious, and dare I say, refreshing about these two girls? *cough*

Akiramike said...

Thanks for the Rembutsu Misako blog! Now to figure out how to save the pictures. :)