Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mendol eps 1-3

Can these 3 girls convince the world that they are guys?

Mendol is basically a jdorama vehicle for AKB48 members Kojiharu, Takahashi Minami and Minegishi Minami. I would even say a lot of doramas are just vehicles to push idols and singers. So many doramas are cast based on names and popularity rather than acting skill and suitability. That said, I have less of a problem with Mendol because it doesn't pretend to be anything more; a midnight dorama for AKB48 fans.

Staple sport of midnight doramas; throwing girls on the bed.

This isn't what it looks like, or is it?

Mendol is the story of three girls who dream of becoming idols and achieve their dream, accept that they are pretending to be guys instead. With so many Johnnys who look like girls anyway, that sounds like a pretty plausible story. Storywise... well, there isn't much there. Its about gags and putting the girls in as many weird situations as possible. There are as many cringe worthy moments as there are sukebe moments.

I think they're suppose to take their clothes off when doing breast exams...

The show utterly and completely fails when it gets serious and tries to be dramatic. Its the necessary evil of the show. Some of the jokes are pretty funny especially Papaya Suzuki's character in ep 3 who is bewildered by the fact that he is turned on by the three guys. Yes, its all about gender jokes and mix ups. There's the lesbian boss and her secretary and infatuation between Hanako Takigawa's character, Rei and Takahashi Minami's character. Gender mix up situations are everywhere and I'm pretty sure we'll encounter all situations one can think of by the end of the episode.

No words can describe the happiness I feel when looking at the above screencap..

These better not be body doubles!

Watching this show makes me wish Tsunku had pushed Momusu in doramas better back in the day instead of stupid movies like Morning Cop. Yeah Nacchi, Maki and Kago have been in jdoramas but there never was one designed to push Momusu as a group and appeal to the core audience. Then again they had their own tv show show Tsunku probably thought it a waste of time. Momusu never wanted to just go after the niche otaku audience but AKB48's all about satisfying their core fans.

Any excuse for girl on girl action...

Hhhm, Takigawa Hanako....

Mendol is bad and its nowhere near bad that its so good. The only reason I managed to sit through 3 episodes is Kojiharu and all the fanservice. Fanservice in jdoramas is seriously lacking compared to anime. I must admit, I had a lot of fun taking screencaps. Unless you are a fan of AKB48, avoid but if you like the screencaps, what are you waiting for? Takigawa Hanako to suck you finger?


Jung said...

..... -.,-;

hamnosilence said...

Yes, this show is kinda like Galcir, if you can look over the obvious flaws in story and acting and so on it's a really enjoying show :)

And of course everyone waits for the next "twist" in the story :P

Yeah there should have been some MM dorama like this :P

Akiramike said...

Galcir is like so much better than Mendol. If Mendol ends up half as enjoyable, I'll be happy.