Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nanase Futatabi eps 1-2

After Maou, we have another show about psychics, Nanase Futatabi. Apparently its been done 3 times before, kinda like Sukeban Deka or any other sentai show. Renbutsu Misako stars as the title character, Nanase who on her mother's death bed discovers that she has the ability to read minds. There seems to be a connection between her powers and her long dead/missing father played by Kita Yoshio. Kita Yoshio is in so many shows that its starting to get irritating. Or maybe I'm just jealous that he gets to act with so many hot actresses all the time.

Hhhm, what should we call our superhero team? 2 telepaths and a seer?

Nanase slowly learns to deal with her powers and meets a kid with similar gifts and a magician, Kosuke who can see the future and who has some history with her father. Unlike your typical superhero movies where the discovery and experimenting of powers is fun, Nanase Futatabi shows that mind reading is a curse not a blessing. Nanase discovers that people never mean what they say. I just love the super powers set in real world vibe. In fact, I was kinda expecting Professor Xavier to make a cameo in his wheelchair. :)

The only thing to stop Nanase reading my mind would be Magneto's helmet...

So far, the first two episodes have been solid. The first episode establishes the characters and the second has Nanase and Kosuke finally catching a serial killer. Its hard not to compare this show with Maou since both have a similar dark tone and psychic character. Maou's big flaw IMO was letting the pacing towards the end. Jdoramas like Nanase Futatabi are more about the stories and character development stuff should be inbuilt/inferred so that it does not slow down the pacing.

Luckiest kid in the world.

Renbutsu Misako is pretty good as Nanase, I have no idea where they keep finding actresses like her. And I can't believe she's born in 91! Truly WTF! The younger actresses in jdoramas and the members in Morning Musume get, the more I feel like a hentai ojisan. I mean she looks so much more mature than so many pseudo 'actresses' out there. *cough* Aragaki Yui *cough* Along with Shiori, its nice to see non lolita type actresses get the push. The problem with a lot of actresses who look younger than their age is that when they reach 20+ they have serious problems convincing the audience their character is a 20+ woman. See Ueto Aya in Hotelier. Its too early to judge Renbutsu Misako though. I need to find time to watch Tenkousei, Sayonara Anata.

Picture of Nanase's shock after reading my mind.

Once again, its a damn shame that another good dorama has crappy ratings. Its probably because there's no Johnny that this show is decent. It hasn't blown me away but it doesn't have to. I'm perfectly happy as long as the show keeps it pacing and continues to come up with interest cases for them to solve or enemies to fight. Definitely check it out.


hamanosilence said...

As you said, the story is different from the usual superpower wielding stories. And even though I did not see any of the actors befor (except the father) I am really impressed by them (especially Nanase).

And the dark clouds approaching are making it just better :)

jaycbll said...

this is a little different from the manga...but i like the progression better in this.
not too impressed with the male lead...his performance seems too weak
but its worth watching just for renbutsu misako.shes HOT.hope she gets more lead roles after this one

Aarrrr said...


Jung said...


yes... watch it fellas... she's only 17. *cough*

sparqi said...

17 or whatever...the series still turns embarassingly bad from ep3...


Barron said...

Only 17? I feel like an oyaji too. I've only seen the first two eps so far, but I like it a lot. It turns bad after 3? shucks.

Anonymous said...

It was a crappy series with horrible acting