Monday, August 10, 2009

Saru Lock eps 1 + 2

Saru Lock is about a midnight dorama about Sarumaru, a locksmith and his antics. Actually, who gives a crap about the story. Saru Lock is midnight dorama at its best! Lots of echi jokes and lots of hot and beautiful women! Lots of guest starring gravure idols. I can't remember the last time I was smiling and laughing throughout two episodes.

Pantsu mieta!!!!!

I swear it wasn't me, though I wish it were!

Its sort of like Stand Up! with the main character being a locksmith with a sidekick, Kenji who looks like a good friend of mine from my uni days. Ashina Sei from Giragira and the horrible Bloody Monday walks around in shorts and catches Saru and Kenji in their acts of depravity. Her character Ritsuko is basically the Narusegawa Naru of the show. She exists to get pissed off at Saru and Kenji and kicks their asses.

So this is what angels look like...

Sample of guest eye candies.

Ashina Sei doesn't get to do anything much in Saru Lock but that's ok cause its all about the jokes and guest stars. Episode 1 + 2 features Nakamura Yuri a lot and man, she is so freaking easy on the eyes. Its such a waste that she is in only 2 episodes. I couldn't find info on her in English but according to her Japanese wikipedia she was in Boss (wtf??? how did I not notice her) and some movie called Lalapipo which seems to be an ero comedy and I will do my best to find it. She's also in ep 3 of Love Game. Only episode one is subbed and there's been no update in ages but I hope they at least sub to ep 3. Hhmm, maybe I should just get the raw.

My, why big eyes you have!


A lot of the echi jokes are a product of Saru's overactive imagination but its all cool. Saru is like the old generic shounen romance full blooded hero which was the norm until Love Hina and Eva turned them all into wimps. With a running time of half an hour per episode, there's no time for them to get stale. If the pictures are not enough to convince you to watch this show, the fact that the first two episodes deal with the stolen pantsu and prostitution rackets should seal the deal.

There is only one right answer!

Nakamura Yuri > Ashina Sei

The safe unlocking part was really lame but I look at it as a necessary evil to give the show a semblance of a plot. The main dude from Rookies, Ichihara Hayato at least proves that he can do more than just sulk and cry all the time. Saru Lock is a show that knows what its target audience is and makes use of the late timeslot to deliver. Unfortunately, no nudity.. yet. Highly recommended for the eye candy factor or for anyone who wants some fun and dumb entertainment.

Hai! Yorokonde!

They're turning my dreams into a jdorama!

Can't you see she's kneeling on the floor?


Jung said...

omg this show is so great. The quality of my life has improved. thanks for the tip!

Akiramike said...

No matter how bad this season goes, Saru Lock will always be there to put a smile on my face. :)

sparqi said...

oright my boys...something to watch at last!!

Anonymous said...

here's a show that might keep you happy for next season, too :)