Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Boss eps 7 and 8

Unfortunately, the only character who is remotely funny in this show.

Episode 7 follows the same formula as 6. Reveal the criminal and emphasise the relationship between the suspect and the boss, Osawa Eriko. If Shida Mirai was like a younger version of Eriko, the suspect in ep 7 is her same counterpart, just in a different field and who has succumbed to weakness. This show needs to be about the human element like Rinjo tried to do because the police procedure in Boss sucks. Too many things oversimplified and explanations coming out of nowhere. The only thing Boss does better than other Jdorama cop shows is that there are not 100 cops investigating one murder investigation scene.... yet.

Just had to take this screencap for obvious reasons.

In the beginning of ep 7, when Boss and her team are discussing stuff at work, something weird happens. The director/cinematographer of ep 7 discovers that he/she could zoom and thus proceeds to zoom in and out with no rhyme or reason. According to the d-addicts wiki the director is Narita Takeshi and he should be banned from director for pproducing 2 minutes of vomit inducing, constant (un)zooming poor excuse for cinematography. Maybe the cameraman was high and just rocked the zoom back and forth.

Bijou to yajuu....

Ep 8 was decent. The back story for the brooding, boring dude was lame but I'm happy to play along. Until the sniper scene at the end. Sniper camped at high area and the freaking kid who shouldn't be a cop aka Hachi one, runs across in front of the sniper and screaming like a kid only to get his gun shot away. Anyone with a brain would know that no one runs in front of a sniper's crosshair. Actually anyone with half a brain would know that. The members of Boss' team are suppose to be losers of the force but this is beyond. The curly haired copper wannabe is an imbecile. Moron. Danger to himself and society. Further proof of my idea that cop shows in Japan are just an excuse to make fun of the police.

I've never wanted a villain to kill everyone (except for Boss & Toda Erika) like I did in ep 8.

That one freaking sniper scene completely destroyed the episode. There are other illogical things that happened but I'm not going to go into them cause it'll only increase my blood pressure. I'm just gonna finally drop this show, save myself from running my head through the wall and wait patiently for the last two episodes of Rinjo.


Jung said...

that's funny... I thought the this show was pretty good, until the last episode. You really cannot expect full-on realism in these kinds of cop shows Mike... To me, Rinjo was just overbearing to watch.

This on the other hand was quite entertaining, until the last episode. They pushed it far beyond even what I could stomach in the last ep unfortunately.

kirakun said...

Police? Investigation? Didn't know it existed. I only watch this show for the guest stars and the obvious Toda Erika. :)

Alright, I'll admit it: Amami Yuki turns me on a bit too. :p

Anonymous said...


A bit off-topic but if you want some kind of show to watch this season, try Orthos no Inu. I thought it was going to be just another Japanese girly man showcase until I watched episode 2.

I can't gurantee that it won't go downhill thereafter, but I have to give this show props for posing that ageless moral conundrum most artfully. Check it out and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the cameraman was high and just rocked the zoom back and forth.

The camera, the editor, the producer and the director...

@Anonymous: just checked the wiki page for that dorama you recommended and the Johnny's risk factor is too high for me. I'd rather wait for a (possible) review by Akiramike.

Anonymous said...

Episode 1 of Orthos no Inu is awful, awful, awful, but it does improve a lot in episode 2. Wonder if they'll be able to keep it up