Friday, August 21, 2009

Hatachi no Koibito eps 4-8

I can't believe that its been nearly two years since my first review of Hatachi no Koibito. Its not the most delayed jdorama though. I think that honour belongs to Tobosha/Runaway. Unfortunately. Hatachi no Koibito was dropped after 3 episodes. I remember watching the rest of it raw but I can't really remember anything, only the feeling that it wasn't a very good show.

Hottest mother-daughter combo ever!

Some kind souls have decided to continue subbing this show and I'm glad they did. It is so great to see Nagasawa Masami in a decent show and to remind myself why I was very high on her potential in the first place. She did a trio of very bland shows after Dragon Zakura (that I watched anyway): Sailor Fuku, Proposal Daisakusen and Last Friends. It goes to show that she's not on the Abe Hiroshi level of elevating crap shows to decent level and her potential is seriously being wasted. She really needs a role that will define her. Her best movie is Nada Sou Sou but she's not what was so good about it.

Gamo Mayu's legs need to be in more jdoramas.

Its interesting reading my review of the first episode and looking my expectations of the show. I had different expectations of the dynamic of Sanma and Masami's relationship. How naive was I to expect the show to take a more serious tone. Hatachi no Koibito is a pure comedy show made for mainstream consumption and I have altered my expectations so. As long as it is funny and there's no bad acting, I'm happy.

Masami's evil stare didn't really come through in this shot.

Its now ep 8 and there's hardly any chemistry between Sanma and Masami. Actually the best 'couple' of the show are Kei-chan (Sanma) and his old friend Fuu-chan. They have walked different paths in life and their friendship is rekindled because of Masami. They have the relationship dynamic that is absent from Sanma and Masami's. One could even say that the Sanma and Masami relationship is a mcguffin; a plot device created to advance the story. The story of two old men nearing their twilight years. The writer gaining fortune through writing about the salaryman's love life and the salaryman finding love again.

You can't go wrong with this show. I am enjoying it so far despite it not matching my initial expectations. (Could be a sign I am mellowing with old age) There's two more episodes to go and I'm kinda grateful that I can't remember the ending. That's probably a bad sign as it means nothing really happened at the end that was worth remembering. As long as the last two episodes make me laugh, it'll be a good series.


Anonymous said...

I remember this show. Back when it aired, I couldn't even watch past like, the first twenty minutes and never thought about it again...

sdfff said...

I love this show

Too bad can't find any subbed eps beyond the first 3..:(

bakaneko said...

Which kind soul did the subbing? Would appreciate it much if you show the way. Thanks.

Akiramike said...

Its pretty easy to find on d-addicts....