Monday, August 17, 2009

Boss 9-11and Aishiteru 3-10


Big waste of acting talent.

When ep 10 came around, it finally seemed like suffering through all the bad episodes was finally worth it. The music for this series is pretty good but it never matched what was on screen. You have exciting music playing but nothing exciting was actually happening. Ep 11 was actually very serious and pulse pounding. You have terrorists, guns, police corruption and betrayal done really well. I thought we were finally going to have two episodes of really good police action in a jdorama and all the deficiencies in previous episodes would be forgiven. The cliffhanger at the end of ep 10 was excellent.

His comedic scenes just fall flat for me....

Ep 11 was good. I loved the shoot out. I love how dark the show went and how actions had real serious implications. I was ready to sing Boss' praises and declare although it only 3 of 11 episodes were great, it was worth watching. Unfortunately, they had to do another twist at the end. The twist makes sense. Its somewhat plausible but it required a lot of explanations. I couldn't be fucked examining the details of the twist because it just left me with a feeling of not caring.

Another waste of talent. Sigh.

It just felt tagged on, returning the show to its cartoonish like feel and completely destroying the strong emotional ending of the shootout. I think the final twist was too smart for its own good. The ending before the twist was great because it was a raw and emotionally charged ending involving the only well developed character in the show. It was a strong end for her character arch and that was ultimately nulified returning the show to its status quo. Its almost as bad as Marvel destroying years of stories about Peter Parker and MJ's married life because they can't afford to move the characters forward.

Is that something that GTO would say?


Aishiteru went the path that I feared but expected it to take. It became a show about the mothers rather than delving into the issues and emotions regarding underage crime. When the truth was finally revealed, one has to feel bad for Tomoya. Kiyotaka was basically this bratty kid who was asking for it. Kiyotaka was like this asshole kid in every class that no one wants to be friends with and Kiyotaka's mom realised that this was a unfortunate accident.

Hot MILF #1.

Problem is, as the audience, this revelation was taking me emotionally nowhere. There's no one to support. No one to hate. I was in a complete emotional limbo. As Kiyotaka's father was trying to hold onto hate to move on and keep his family together, I was trying to find an emotional angle to keep me watching this show. The closest Aishiteru came to dealing with hate was Kiyotaka's father drinking in a bar and Mihoko confronting Tomoya's mom.

Hot MILF #2.

Aishiteru became a show about showing how hard it is for mothers and showing three mothers dealing with three different kinds of hardships centred around an unfortunate incident. The aim of the show was to make you feel for Tomoya and Kiyotaka's mothers' hardship and build up to their meeting. The last two episodes became some long boring epilogue about moving on that bored me to death. When Tomoya was released after one year, I was eagerly anticipating something exciting happening the end but no, they had to do a bright and cheerful ending.

Potentially very hot actress in a few years time. :)

At the end, I just got sick of the all crying and the 'bright' storyline too much at the end. Its a show where everyone is a victim and everyone's just way too freaking nice. Despite the subject matter, Aishiteru played it too safe. Well, I can't fault Aishiteru for what it is. I was entertained for most of the series and would say it a watchable show.


Jung said...

All the comedic twists in the ep 11 of Boss was just too much to bear. After the cliffhanger ending of ep 10, I was so excited about ep 11, but it turned out to be a total let down. I couldn't even follow all the explanations, nor did I care at that point. What a waste!

Donna said...

I had caught the gesture Osawa made to Nodate, and the exchange over the ticket, so it seemed something was up but the shootout did initially have me convinced I was wrong (and wondering, are all police in Japan trained to shoot to kill? Does anyone not know how to disarm? It was like Unfair all over again). And then it just got slapstick and silly "ohoho, look at the betrayal and corruption we've revealed among one of our own, that was fun!" The ending was just a muddle, although obviously leaving it open to Boss SP.

Anonymous said...

The cliffhanger at the end of ep. 10 was excellent, but IMO the author has also painted himself into a corner regarding Nodate's character. Hence the final twist in ep. 11 requires a huge suspension of disbelief, and wasn't very plausable w/ numerous plot holes.

BTW, some of the music are actually taken from American movies/tv-series (at least 40%). The ones I recognized are Prison Break, Transformer, Star Trek (the new one), and Terminator (the new one).

Akiramike said...

I don't think the writer painted himself into a corner. Nodate turning out to be the corrupt guy was a great twist. That the creation of the section was for laundering money/siphoning funds.

The real reason the good guys were brough together was evil. Its great! I mean, best friends make the best enemies. It was a great ending!

The writer basically painted over a masterpiece and turned it into a bland picture.