Friday, June 27, 2008

Jmovie review: Sundome

Let's get one thing clear, Sundome is bad, very bad. Its not even B movie level bad. Its C movie bad. And I think most home videos have much better lighting than Sundome. It has acting that makes crap Zettai Kareshi look decent. Yes, it is really that bad. I would be impressed though if they actually had a budget of like US$10k and 5 days to shoot it which they probably had.

I want to study at a Japanese high school when I grow up.

Kurumi taking off her pantsu and giving it to Hideo.

Nothing IMO can excuse the lack of proper lighting and shoddy camera work. If you don't have the budget to hire proper staff, why bother making a movie in the first place? Because this movie would still sell. Suzuki Akane + Tsugihara Kana + fan service = must watch. Its just a crying shame they didn't hire a decent director and staff. I'm sure any gravure director would do a decent job.

Why did I not have high school experiences like this? :(

Based on a manga, Sundome is about your generic Japanese dude, Aiba Hideo why likes to spend his time onani. Things change for him when this mysterious girl, Kurumi (Akane) transfers to his class. She teases him (sexually) and makes him promise not to onani. Can Hideo control himself for Kurumi's sake? What does she actually want from him? Things don't get easier when he starts getting involved with the busty Kyoko (Kana). Of course, during the course of movie he goes through things thatmost of us can only dream of.

Goddamn lucky bastard.

I praise God everyday for making these puppies...

I've got to say, Suzuki Akane isn't that hot. She's got the kawaii look and the short skirt and top does help a lot. The highlight of the movie are the ways she tortures poor Hideo by letting him pull the strings of her g-string or taking off her underwear in front of him. This are the things sukebes like me dream of.

What are two fine ladies like you doing in the wild?

Its just that Tsugihara Kana is so much better looking. She has a much better figure and if her uniform were as short as Akane's I would die from nosebleeds. Sundome 2 just came out so obviously there are plenty of people who saw the first movie. Hopefully they'll have enough money to hire actual professionals. I have to stress again that if you want to watch this, be prepared for the worst movie that you have ever scene but the fanservice is worth it. :)

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Anonymous said...

wow...sounds like my kind of film!

Although I could just go watch some porn instead

Akiramike said...

Sometimes the tease is better than the unveiling. :)