Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hachi-One Diver ep 3


OMG, this is probably the most hilarious episode I've seen this year. Even if you have no interest in this series, I recommend just watching ep 3 for laughs. Akiba no ukeshi/Soyo brings Hachi-One to fight niko-gami in an old, rundown shack. Hachi-one then asks Niko-gami to bet something which is as important as life itself.

After some consideration, Niko-gami decides if he wins he would grobe Soyo's oppai! Hachi-one luckily does not pull a Shinji and quickly agrees to bet on Soyo's oppai! If you're still reading this and looking at the screencaps with a smile on your face, stop reading and get the damn episode! I watched this with zero expectations and was laughing all the way to the end!

The humour is not really in the fact that two men are playing Shogi to see who could grope Soyo's oppai. The humour is in Niko-gami throwing away what little is left of his pride to sate his inner most desire. The humour is in Hachi-one quickly agreeing whereas he would normally pull a Shinji and start whining. The humour is in their total disregard for Soyo's presence knowing that she would not stop their Shogi game.

And the ending is all about Niko-gami punchline with totally left me ROFL. What this episode has shown is that the best comedy is when serious characters are placed in absurd situations. Not slapstick, wink at the audience style. Sigh, if only Yama Onna Kabe Onna were half as funny as this episode. And I will forever remember Niko-gami's line which will go down in jdorama history as one of the most memorable lines in Jdorama history along with 101 Proposal's 'Boku wa shinimasen!'.



Jung said...

lol nikogami cracked me up good in this episode. I tell you this guy is really versatile actor. I don't know how these people recited these lines with straight face. lol

I didn't realize how big her boobs were until I started watching this show haha

Akiramike said...

IMO, the ability to recite those lines and be serious is what good acting is about.