Friday, June 20, 2008

Home Drama 1-5

Talk about all star casting! Domoto Tsuyoshi (Summer Snow), Yusuke Santamaria (too many to mention), Inoue Mao (HYD) and Sakai Wakana (too many to mention as well). OK, Sakai Wakana may not be that big a name but she's been in a lot of shows and she's always intrigued me. Like Ogura Yuko, I want to see what's behind that high pitched, squeaky anime voice of hers. Can she do more than her usual stereotypical anime like supporting characters? Actually we already found out the answer in Enka no Joou but when I think of her, I still think of her role in Churasan. I guess she was overshadowed by Amami Yuki in Enka.

I would be happy too living under the same roof with these 3 beauties!

In Home Drama, a group of Japanese tourists in Thailand are involved in a horrific accident. The survivors return to Japan to pick up the pieces. Shogo (Domoto Tsuyoshi) then suggests that they live together. These group of strangers bound together by tragedy somehow end up living under the same roof.

I would describe this show as Summer Snow with a large family. Not because of Domoto Tsuyoshi but because of its slow, melancholic nature. It is the perfect show to unwind to. Home Drama moves at its own pace and is a feel good show without being overtly sentimental. I'm not clamoring to watch the next episode but I know it will definitely put a smile on my face.

Home Drama is less about people grieving over their loved ones and more about strangers playing family. Every character has a story to tell and I await to see how their tenuous family ties can survive. Everyone is nice and cordial but underneath it all, there is a feeling that a lot of things are not being said. The 8 strangers coming together is all a facade. A way of them to cope with grief by ignoring it. By cutting ties with the past and establishing a new role.

I really hope that grief over the accident will resurface. While the formulaic solve a person's problem every episode would still work, it is their flimsy foundation of a family that will provide the best entertainment. And I never thought I would say this but this show need more Inoue Mao. I'm pretty sure her time to shine will come. Only watch it if you are in the mood for some laid back, feel good drama.

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