Wednesday, November 21, 2007

KDO getting married!

Abe Hiroshi is finally getting hitched! No doubt due to the greatness that is KDO, Abe has graduated from comedy foil to super chick magnet. Apparently, the future Mrs Abe is not in showbiz and Abe did a press conference with a sketch of her face which is just too freaking weird. And wtf is it with the flowers? The fiance didn't want to show her face so what's the point of the sketch? To show that she's hot without the press ever seeing her face? Or maybe its just that Mrs Abe can't be photographed....

Anyways, kekkon omedetou to Abe Hiroshi! Now if only Nakazawa Yuko can get married. Since Abe did not offer much info on how they met, we can only speculate:

1) She's a doctor who did a proctology exam on him.

2) She's his next door neighbour who complained about him playing his Mahler symphony no 5 too loudly.

3) Aijin of his brother in law.

4) She's a poor magician and they solve mysteries together.

5) Teacher of tokubetsu class for gettingi into Todai.


Anonymous said...

or maybe she's planning wedding ?

Data said...

Nice list! But you know, it's funny how Kuninaka Ryoko and Nakama Yukie are both 28, the same age as Abe's fiancee, and so Nakama made a joke about why she wasn't invited (or let in the know) since she's also 28.

Anyhow, I feel really happy for Abe. He now brings hope to all bachelors or would-be bachelors out there :)

Jung said...

OMG what a cradle robber!

Akiramike said...

Lol, forgot he was in Wedding Planner. Love the scene where he gets raped by Kimura Yoshino!