Monday, November 26, 2007

Dream Again eps 4-6

Kabe Onna is young but Yama onna is sooooo irresistable......

I thought this show was full proof. Then I was told that the writer of Dream Again also wrote the Taiyo no Uta drama and Rondo. Watanabe Mutsuki's not bad looking so one can guess how she got her writing jobs. How can a show with so many storylines be barely watchable? Its when the story and dialogue looks like it was written by an amateur writer.

Sadly Kato Ai has been reduced to super boring and useless girlfriend character...

Ep 6 finally picks up when Sorimachi goes to jail and we have our corporate takeover shades of Koi ni Ochitara. It even has the same actor as the bad guy. It was then that I realised the number one thing this show is missing. An exciting challenge. Yes, Sorimachi is training Asahina's body to be an athlete and he has to run the company but the writer just makes everything so simple. As they say, the devil is in the details.

Dear gods of jdorama, please make Aota Noriko not wear a jacket for rest of series and turn up the air conditioning in the office. I can imagine the cameraman hoping she'd fuck up her lines during this take of her oppai jiggling down the corridor in the beginning of ep 5. :)

Its as if all that is required to be a baseball player is simple conditioning training. What about playing in an amateur league? Sure Sorimachi has he memory and knowledge from his previous body but what about building up muscle memory and stuff like that. Participation in games would allow Sorimachi to better show his struggles with Asahina's body.

WTF Kumada is angry at someone who just did his job? As I've said before, nothing kills empathy than idiotic good guys.

And the way that Sorimachi forgave Kumada and believe his dodgy explanation makes him look like a fucking idiot. Selling out your boss and providing forging documents just so his boss is acting out of sorts? And what's with that Asahina's stupid crap about doing evil things like simply firing people on the spot so they can do good deeds? I like the twist that he wasn't a bad guy but fark, his explanation sounds like a fucking primary school essay with lotsa plot holes. He wants to be fucking rich by screwing everyone over so that he can finally do charitable deeds when he's a trillionaire or something.

I wish I were Kumada here. Why can't I remember Aota Noriko from Salaryman Kintaro?

Not to mention Kato Ai so quickly becoming Sorimachi's ally. Where the fuck was the promising ending of ep 1? When she will try to dig out Asahina's past misdeeds and send his ass to jail? Can we actually have Kato Ai doing some actual lawyer stuff and Sorimachi actually trying to be a fund manager/stock trader. Even the way Sorimachi got out of jail. We need to see Kato Ai actually do some lawyer stuff besides just hitting the books. Hello, go to court and try to get him out on bail ffs. Try to get the evidence declared as illegal or something. FFS, have the characters do something exciting!

Seriously, Rondo was proof already that Watanabe Mitsuki has no talent for dialogue and themes. Its like she's putting multiple elements into the story as it goes along. After playing Assassin's Creed for past few days, someone needs to make sure she no longer spoils doramas with her shoddy writing.


Jung said...

Haha I couldn't agree more... after learning who wrote this drama, all of a sudden, it became less... fun. She has consistently written mediocre scripts and somehow gotten away with it.

If there is anything I hate more than cheddar cheese, it's Japanese cheese. By the end of episode 4, I passed out from the stench when Sorimachi gave that lame talk about his ideal in front of the pissed off investors.

Way to go Watanabe!

But I'm glad to hear that it picks up in ep 6. So I'll save this series for the rainy day. At one point, I was watching 14 of 22 dramas listed on but now I'm only watching 5.

And they are (I know you're dying to know what they are. j/k LOL):
1. Galileo
2. Swan no Baka
(*cough* Ashina Sei *cough*)
3. Oishii Gohan
4. Asakusa Fukumaru Ryokan 2
5. Mop Girl
6. SP

I must be getting old. I find my self liking these family type dramas like Oishii Gohan and Asakusa Fukumaru Ryokan. -_-;

あ―ろん said...

Mike! the subs for Iryu 2 ep 1-4 are out !!!

Akiramike said...

Galileo and Mop Girl are on my 'to watch' list. Need a freaking holiday to watch doramas. I like family doramas but nothing comes close to Oyaji.