Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dream Again eps 2-3

Stop coming between me and my secretary!

The show's kinda slowed down for me a lot. I'm not sure whether Shida Mirai is miscast as the daughter or they should not have given so much time to her story. Maybe Fukuda Mayuko would have done a better job portraying Hina's contempt for her father and yet at the same time seeking his approval. Is Shida Mirai incapable of playing anything other than the good natured girl?

Satsuki just comes across as a unsympathetic brat to me..

Or perhaps the father daughter story is the least interesting and urgent of the stories in the show. Should the writers have taken their time and allowed Sorimachi and Shida Mirai to develop more chemistry? Ultimately I think the answer is that Satsuki is a mere plot device to bring Sorimachi and Kato Ai together. Its just a shame that a plot device gets center stage.

Unfortunately Kato Ai has been relegated to supporting actress for eps 2+3 :(

They could have easily used the whole Kato Ai investigating his company plot with Sorimachi slowly discovering all the evil deeds that his host body has done with the conflict between righting wrongs and his responsibility to his company. I think Satsuki just does not come across as a sympathetic character and I wanted to see the further adventures of Sorimachi, not Shida Mirai.

Maybe the writers thought it was the weakest story and wanted to be done with it before concentrating on the baseball and business stories. I don't really buy that cause they could have put the father daughter story in the background and used it as comedy fodder. I guess they had to strengthen Kato Ai and Shida Mirai's relationship so that she can be a bridge between Kato Ai and Sorimachi.

I just hope they didn't write the series as concentrating on each story over a few episodes. What I mean is eps 2-3 on Satsuki, maybe 4-7 on funds and business and 8-11 on baseball and Kato Ai. Such a method would spoil the pacing as evident from eps 2+3. Better to juggle all stories simultaneously while spreading the climaxes over the last episodes. Fingers crossed that the pace of ep 4 picks up.


Alan said...
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tUrtleAE86 said...

Maybe you mean Hina (Shida Mirai), not Satsuki.. ^^;

Anyways, I think that timing-wise, having Hina get close to Sorimachi could work. If they stay true to the "little by little" thing, maybe it will be just that. Just that it needed a jump start.

Although, I did miss Kato Ai during those episodes.. lol

Interesting to note: The same screenwriter also wrote Taiyou no Uta and Rondo ...

Jung said...

Haha I think audience would find it too hard to sympathize with Mayuko if she played the role because of her 45 degree eyebrows. lol

What's bewildering about this whole hidden daughter plot line is the standoff-ish attitude by Sorimachi.

He's acting like she is his real daughter, as if he became that person whose body he took over. Why would you be so hostile towards someone who is a complete stranger?

Maybe he thinks acknowledging Hina as a daughter would completely ruin his chance with Kato Ai or even baseball, but that inner conflict is never hinted. I just found it hard to swallow.

And I'm not sure if it's ep3 or ep4, but the computer hacking was a complete joke. The writer should be embarrassed. I guess he/she never learned anything from the laughable hacking scenes he/she wrote in Rondo.

Despite the complaints though, it is still pretty decent, and I'm really liking kato Ai here. W/o her, I'd find this much harder to watch. :-x

Akiramike said...

Taiyou no Uta and Rondo? uuggghh. My hope of this turning into a decent show has dimmed.