Monday, November 19, 2007

Hotaru no Hikari ep 10

Further proof that Ayase Haruka and Kuninaka Ryoko should have switched roles. Zen zen kawaiikunai!

I would never have thought I would enjoy the final ep. Maybe its because the story finally came to an end but looks like they managed to salvage the show in the end. I think the key was that Hotaru finally moved out and she could finally realise that Makoto is just a cardboard character who gets his fix from looking at Ikea catalog books. The lack of chemistry is apparent to everyone but Hotaru. As Bucho's friend said, she was just in love with the idea of falling in love.

Finally Bucho goes from plot device to interesting character but its a little too late..

Somehow I found Bucho and Hotaru's exchanges in the elavator funnier in the final episode. He's kinda become Kuwano from KDO; the only way he can communicate with her is by trading insults. Notice also that previously, they managed to keep their conversations at work professional, or rather when Hotaru was not wearing jerseys.

Stupid cardboard gets to sit next to Kuninaka Ryoko. :(

Actually I realise now, why this show has suddenly become watchable. Cause they finally got rid of the stupid jersey plotline. I mean 9 freaking episodes of stuff about jersey and the real story is Hotaru's infatuation with love. The writers could have easily put the jersey stuff in the background and perhaps used Hotaru's love of manga to illustrate her desire to fall in love with love. Its like the writers got too engrossed with the jersey thing that they forgot to build up to the actual climax.

The fact that the last episode was good doesn't change the fact that the previous 9 were crap. The supporting characters hardly get anything to do and the non-existent side-stories get wrapped up too easily. Kuninaka Ryoko is so misused, its a crime. If only Hotaru had moved out around ep 6 or 7 the show would have been so much better. Chalk it up to bad pacing.

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