Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Proposal Daisakusen Ep 1

If these 3 reasons cannot convince you to watch this show, nothing will.

1) Nagasawa Masami

The only reason you need to play sports in Japanese high schools..

2) Sailor Fukuu

Where's the wind when u need it?

3) Sailor Fukuu

Is there some symbolic meaning to this pic? I've never been so jealous of a tetris block before...

And btw, the story's pretty interesting too. Ken and Rei are osananajimi but Rei ends up marrying the cowboy from Galcir. This fairy who looks like Bengoshi no Kuzu shows up and offers him a way to go into the past to win Rei over. Of course with Nagasawa Masami being the no.1 most desired bride in Japan, no sane man will say no.

Embarrassed about her holding something in front of her mouth? :)

The fun thing is of course seeing how Ken attempts to change the past. While Yamashita's acting is not as obviously bad as Kurosagi, with a leading man who can actually act, this show might turn out to be a classic. One simple thing they could have done was to give him different hairstyles for present and past. At least they didn't cast Kame in this show.

OMFG, thank you Mr. Cinematographer!!!

And Nagasawa Masami is fucking good. Almost Hirosue Ryoko good but not quite. Not until she starts to play roles that don't hinge on her kawaiiness. WTF am I complaining about anyways. She had me glued to the screen all the way through. The humour is ok, a bit hit and miss but nowhere as bad as Hanayome no Papa.

The star of ep 1 is definitely the Sailor Fukuus. Its been a while since I watched a high school show and Sailor Fukuus are the Japanese's greatest invention besides Virtua Fighter and JAV.


Anonymous said...

If the sailor fukuu is your #2 and #3 reasons, then this show may not hold your interest after episode 4. However, Nagasawa, your #1 reason, does get prettier as the show goes on. The story also becomes incredibly good from episode 5 on with no lag at all. This is certainly the best jdorama this year so far.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd really love to see Yamada Takayuki take on Yamashita's role since he's pretty much the tragic character in love stories. I'm sure he'll be able to put off that feeling of regret and helplessness much better than Yamashita.

Tsubamaki Satoshi would be a really good choice for that role as well, after seeing the chemistry he had with Nagasawa in Nada Sou Sou.

Yamashita aside, this show is definitely worth a watch. The story is quite refreshing, the supporting cast are good and the music used are fitting.

Anonymous said...

I have watched up to the 8th episode and would call it the best show this season. From episode 2 up I stopped caring for Yamashita's bad acting, because the scripting turned out pretty good. Not of Kekkon Dekinai Otoko Heights but still very compelling.

Jung said...

I guess I'm the lone dissenter. I think this show is lackluster at best. After a few episodes, everything becomes incredibly repetitive, including the tanned wavy hair dude's ramblings in the beginning and end of each episode.

I think the only good moment in the show was at the end of ep 8 or so, when Hiraoka Yuuta tells Yamapi something. Honestly, I care more about how the short dude and his antics and his obsession with the tall girl more than yamapi and nagasawa. :-x

But hey, you have a real knack for finding hilarious screen caps, especially the 4th one!

Akiramike said...

Thanks for your opinions. Yeah, if they had cast Tsubamaki Satoshi in the main role, the show would be much better cause we need an actor that the audience will feel empathy for.

Anonymous said...

I really like the drama at first, but as I keep watching, I stopped caring. Boring show to me. Great actors, but just became boring.

Anonymous said...

i didnt know this drama exists... till i saw your blog post through accidental google search
yamapi+nagasawa.. how in the hell could i have almost missed this!!!
anyway.. watched up to ep4 in 1 go, story getting kinda repetitive but somehow left me wanting more