Sunday, June 17, 2007

Liar Game ep 9

Toda Erika with Mop Heads 1+2 while Akiyama looks on in amusement.

The 4th game is really interesting. Basically they're divided into two groups/countries and their mission is to 'smuggle' money from their 'bank accounts' in each other's countries. The catch is someone has to play the role of border inspector and guess the amount of money being smuggled with repercussions depending on guess and amount.

This look perfectly describe's Nao's role in the show.

As fate would have it, Nao-chan, Akiyama and the irritating Fukunaga get grouped together. However, this does not mean the other side is doomed. There's a new player, this dude with horrible white wig who claims be psychic. I like what this show is doing. Putting the villain (Fukunaga) with our heroes for a while and introducing a bigger threat.

Obligatory shot of the hot Liar Game assistant. I love mysterious women in black. :)

Unfortunately, Fukunaga is the same irritating mop head that he is and they even put mop head 2 in to the team, who turns out to be an even bigger arsehole than Fukunaga. Akiyama seems to be observing a lot in this ep and letting the others play the game.

What I'd do to have Toda Erika look at me like that....

I can't even comprehend wtf I would do if I were caught in the game. This is truly a battle of wits and ability to think under immense pressure. And that's why this show rules. Oh yeah, they had Fukunaga change his wadrobe and not Toda Erika? WTF is the logic in that. I was hoping she'd change to something from Galcir. :)

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Jung said...

lmao your obsession with Toda is hilarious. lol

But we need more of that assistant! I hope to see more of her in the future. Mm.. something about her boyish look.. hmm.. wait, I'm still at work. I shouldn't be typing stuff like this. :-O

Ep 10 got really cool towards the end. Go Akiyama!