Sunday, June 03, 2007

Konshu Tsuma ga Uwaki Shimasu ep 7

I couldn't stand the wait for subs any longer. I suppose that's why some people prefer to wait til a series is completely subbed before watching. But that leaves like a huge backlog and waste of bandwidth if a series is not to one's liking. I really need my fix of Dodoh Hajime's marital problems and that tasukete song.

Is this the new okairi-nasai?

And what a great episode it turned out to be. Every good series needs at least one really hot guest star. Yamaguchi Sayaka guests stars as a really popular novelist who was Dodoh's kouhai. It really reminds me of Mitsuya Yoko in ep 9 of KDO. Basically, Yamaguchi Sayaka plays her the opposite of her boring teacher in 14 sai no Haha. She's like this hyper genki person who has Dodoh bowing to her every whim.

Hello legs!

And lets not forget her legs. In the first scene she's wearing hot pants and showing of her incredible sexy legs. No one would have blamed Dodoh if he had jumped her. Sadly, the length of her pants got longer as the episode went on. Perhaps to signify that she seemed to be hiding a lot of unsaid feelings.

Hello cleavage!

And for the first time this series, they managed to make me pity Tohko, especially with the revelation in the end. She finally had her talk with Dodoh and finally things were looking up. The viewer has been set up to welcome a reconciliation. And Dodoh had to ruin it all by saying 'sono mama'. Oh well, its kinda like how KDO fucks everything up except its not funny.

Yamaguchi Sayaka looking very foxy...

Can't blame the writers though. They need material for another 4 episodes. Its just that it really makes Dodoh look like a dickhead. I suppose that its been a traumatic 7 episodes for him and the trivialness of her reason just seemed disproportionate to the troubles he's been through. I suppose the show could have ended right there if the reason had been Dodoh's affair 6 years ago but she just gave him a free pass on his affair! Hello?

Ooops, caught by his tsuma..

End of they day, the show can't go against its concept which is Dodoh getting into trouble with the tasukete look in his face and the music in the background. Its just that the show no longer works if Dodoh is no longer a sympathetic character.

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