Monday, June 11, 2007

Liar Game eps 5-8

Deer-in-headlights Nao-chan.

So Nao-chan finally gets to escape the clutches of Liar Game with the help of Akiyama and what does she do? Attempt to get back into the game and 'help' him! WTF is she thinking. How much fucking help can she be. Does she not realise the stakes involved? However, I am willing to overlook this because its necessary for the show to continue. Plus, they have established that Nao is kinda simple minded so its not that far fetched.

So in order to get back into the game, she enters the resurrection round and has to compete against all the people who she defeated in the previous round. Of course, without Akiyama, what happens is already a foregone conclusion. The game this time is a ristora game where everyone votes on who they want fired. Fukunaga quickly turns everyone against Nao and she is fucked. (not literally)

Akirayama gets wind of this, rushes to her aid and the fun part of the show is seeing how he turns everything around. For some reason they allow him to be present at the game and even act and speak on Nao's behalf. I was thinking they would have him hiding in a room somewhere and giving Nao some advice.

But it was great finally seeing Nao cheat Fukunaga. She seems to be very good at lying. Hhmmm. The one character arc in this show is to see whether the trusting and simple minded Nao will slowly be changed by her participation in Liar Game and maybe in the end save Akiyama.

Is this the beginning of evil Nao?

Judging from the ending of ep 8, I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure everyone watching wanted her to give it to Fukunaga. He is one of the most irritating villains ever. I know every story needs a villain but he should be sacrificed to show show that Nao has finally gained a level in her Liar Game skills. Of course, one can argue that she wanted to save the guy who talked to her more than she hated Fukunaga.

Lucky bastard trying to look up Nao's skirt? Yurusanai!

And I was hoping for a half episode breather at least before they story went to the next round. Maybe some character backstory and see Nao and Akiyama in normal surroundings. But I guess there's always budgetary reasons. But FFS, she needs a wardrobe change!

OMFG. Cho-kawaii!!!!~~~~~~


Anonymous said...

Awesome drama. Fuckinagi or whatever you call him...haha. He's a really good villaim. I thought the part where that dumb dude with bad teeth was trying to get all smart as well, but then he failed within a few seconds.

Amazing drama!

tUrtleAE86 said...

Budgetary reasons my ass! haha..
They're getting a 3 hour finale.
First time in j-drama history.

Jung said...

I must be stupid or something, some times I have hard time following the games... yet all the characters seem to have no problems with them. I thought I was smart dammit!

Akiramike said...

They saved lots of money shooting 4 eps in one single location so they can do the 3 hour finale. I must say, it reminds me of Saw. Limited sets but gripping story.

Jung: you're not the only one.