Monday, May 07, 2018

Yami no Bansosha Henshucho no Joken Episodes 1-3

Apologies for the long absense. I was away on family business and did not have time to blog but I did get to watch some jdoramas. The second season of Yami no Bansosha is my most anticipated show of the season because of how good the first season was.

I ended up rewatching the first season of Yami no Bansosha with my gf so that we could watch season 2 together. I think its a bit of a miracle how well things in Yami no Bansosha came together. The great chemistry between Furuta Arata (Daigo) and Matsushita Nao (Mizuno), the creating a mystery around manga, the great pacing and the fact that the audience had to fill in the blanks themselves about the relationship between the two partners.

Writing season 2 of Yami no Bansosha seems like an impossible task because the setting was so unique and yet the sequel needed to be different enough to warrant watching.


+ The chemistry between Daigo and Mizuno is still good.

+ Daigo becoming the chief editor is a great evolution to his character and a great window into the world of manga, keeping with the theme of the first season.

+ Daigo dispensing plenty of great wisdom.


- Daigo and Mizuno don't get as much scenes together.

- The pacing isn't as good as the first season especially episode 2.

- Every single discovery by Daigo did not have that wow effect from season 1.


The story has introduced so many seemingly separate elements to the story that I can't see them fitting into a tight ending. I don't know. Its based on a novel by the same writer so there's a chance. Henshucho no Joken does not need to hit a homerun for me to be happy as long as it does not strike out. Watchable.

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Amelda Lake said...

I've only seen the first two episodes and I thought the pacing was fine. I particularly enjoyed Daigo's progress at Brave: the way his detailed, constructive criticism quickly yielded tangible results without tearing anybody down, in contrast with the unhelpful shouting and vague "visionary" ideas of the late Nanbu. Made me wonder why Nanbu had wanted Daigo to be his vice editor in chief, when their leadership and editing styles were so different.