Sunday, May 27, 2018

Seigi no Sei Episode 1

Me like Yoshitaka Yuriko but Seigi no Sei is another one of those jdoramas where the main chatacter is new at doing a particularly difficult job which in this case is being a prosecutor acts like a completely inexperienced 17 year old shoujo manga/asadora heroine rather than someone who has studied, worked and beaten the best of the best to this plum job.

I have no idea how one gets to a criminal prosecutor in Japan but I guarantee its a lot more than doing just a law degree and passing the bar exam. This reminds me of the horrible Code Blue where a bunch of ER doctors act like total newbies who had just finished high school.

For people who enjoy these sort of shows, I don't blame you cause there obviously must be an audience for them. Obviously Japanese producers do not think mature characters who act like adults are not relatable to viewers. I just don't know why this show exists. Avoid.


Buck said...

I'm never going to bother with shows about rookies who mess up big time at their jobs, bothering their coworkers and make lame apologies and corny speeches. Yuriko is one strange case whose acting seems to have stalled since she was around 25.

Sonna~ said...

I liked Code Blue, but I hated all the characters. I liked the sub-story lines and the different situations they were in each week and that's what had me watching.

I'm not sure I could rewatch it -- it was in 2012 when I watched the lot and I was at home ill and very depressed.

I've seen a couple of episodes of this, and what keeps me interested are the cases and trying to solve things before they do, in a Detective Conan like way.