Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Repeat jdorama review

I am a fan of Kanjiya Shihori. She's been playing supporting roles since the days of H2 and Swing Girls but there's no denying she has talent and I always look forward to seeing her in starring roles. Recently she's been in Yoshiwara Ura Doshin which I liked and Mother Game which was horrible but its been a while since I've seen her in anything.

Now Kanjiya Shihori's got the starring role all to herself as the main character of the time travel jdorama, Repeat. I think the easiest way to describe repeat is that its a time travelling drama which seems like it was written for Fukada Kyoko because all the main female lead has to do is look sad and cute and Kanjiya does a better job IMHO.

Besides Kanjiya Shihori, there isn't a lot going for Repeat. Instead of being an intriguing time travel story, its more of a survival game story where each revelation just elicits a meh from me including the annoying crazy annoying ex-girlfriend.

Speaking of annoying ex-gf, the above character not only maliciously injures Kanjiya's character but also lies, stalks and tries to murder her before getting killed in self defence and somehow the stupid main characters feel sorry for causing crazy ex's death. This is probably when Repeat really lost me. I can't stand characters who are too 'good' to the point of stupidity.

Thinking back, its a wonder I managed to watch most of Repeat when its just a badly acted soap opera clumsily half dressed up in time travel clothes. Some of the acting from guest 'actors' is so bad that its obvious they (or their relatives) are responsible for most of the budget. I never thought anyone could act worse than Fukada Kyoko but Repeat's guest 'actors' have proven me wrong.

I guess there must be an element of this is so bad I its entertaining to Repeat but I cannot recommend me except to Kanjiya Shihori fans like myself. Plus the ending totally sucks. Meh.


Buck said...

I've always liked Shihori but after watching a few episodes of this soap opera, I wondered if she's really good since all she did is looking like crying puppy.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. Im surprised I finished the series. I like Kanjiya Shihori but was disappointed with her character in this show. And don’t get me started on Miss Sherlock. :(