Saturday, March 24, 2018

Museum jmovie review

Museum is a Se7en-ish crime thriller/gore fest about Oguri Shun playing a cop who trying to find the identity of this serial killer who runs around in a frog mask. Ono Machiko plays Oguri's wife who had just walked out on him and her main job is to say although he's a good cop, he's a horrible father.

A bit of a side bar, the spouse who is never at home reason for leaving does not work unless there is alcohol, drugs, affairs or gambling involved. The reason is without time for the audience to gain empathy, showing Ono Machiko leaving just cause Oguri Shun forgot birthdays just makes me not care for her character.

I think Museum just fails at making the little details necessary to make thrillers work. For example, when the big reveal that Oguri's wife was a potential target happened what followed was not the other police officers asking when did you last see her, has she used her credit card or withdrawn money from the bank, or have you checked with relatives and friends but rather policemen running around finding dead bodies and Oguri Shun acting angry until someone FINALLY asks him if he remembered what they last wore.

Before the movie went around showing the dead bodies, the first thing should have been police officers extracting information from Oguri Shun cause the 'I don't know where they are' is unsufficient.

Forgot the mention the car chase seen early in the movie was pretty bad. If you don't have the proper budget to do a proper car chase seen, just do a foot chase.

A lot of things just feel contrived like the identity of the doctor or the twist of the final plan which sort of makes sense but then where's the 'art' in it? Its just the more exciting they try to make it, the more lame and boring the movie became. Maybe if they made Museum a drama series it would be better because they could have given more time to the punishments. If you want a good Japanese serial killer story, Yami no Bansosha is must better. Avoid.

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And another good actor was wasted on a frog...