Saturday, March 31, 2018

5 reasons not to watch Creepy 2016 movie

1. Nishijima Hidetoshi's very wooden portrayal of the ex cop with an obsession with serial killers. I know he's supposed to be a detached character but Nishijima's acting felt so fake.

2. Kawaguchi Haruna's character who seemed like such an important character until she is forgotten in the middle. Did her agency contribute 50% of the funds for the movie or something?

3. The movie is way to long and the pacing is too slow. Should be 1hr 40 instead of 2 hours. The Kawaguchi Haruna parts could have easily been excised.

4. Too many things that the bad guy managed to do are unexplained. I know movies can't explain every little thing but this show is very much about the killer's motus operandi and some thing of the things he pulls made me scratch my head thinking, "The method he did this can't be so simple, can it?"

5. The final twist that does not make any sense. All I could think of was since when? Ultimately, its the final twist that kills Creepy for me. It feels like someone realising a twist is required despite the fact that it does not make sense.


Kurosawa Kiyoshi is a good director but when a story is full of holes, bland execution cannot save this. Disappointing. I feel like rewatching Gukoroku or Destruction Babies if get rid of the bad stench of Creepy. Avoid. I'm just pissed off watching two crappy movies in a row with Creepy and Museum and both having so much talent.


junny said...

I agree it's bad. The acting was okay, mostly from Kagawa, but everything else was just meh and illogical.

Anonymous said...

Hey !

For me this movie is indeed very bad, althought the acting is OK especially the Kagawa Teruyuki's character who is horribly disturbing and fits perfectly the movie. If i had to sum up Creepy, i'd like to say it just "make weird in order to make weird", it's like the guys behind the camera didn't care about the accuracy of things as long as they got this weird thing called "Creepy".

Knowing the fact that only roughly 10 asian movies are broadly diffused in french cinemas each year, i'm still chocked we got this one xD