Monday, March 12, 2018

Anone Episodes 1~4

There were quite a few comments about Anone and I was supposed to do the Hamsapsukebe 2017 awards but I could not wait to see what the fuss regarding Sakamoto Yuji's new jdorama was about. It starts off with two characters looking for a place to die and turns into a sort of comedy about fake money.

+ The twist regarding Hazure's past is really cool. I feel like Sakamoto Yuji could have milked it even more and turned it to more of a horror show.
+ Any scene between Anone and Hazure.
+ The ghost daughter story.

- The kid in the hospital, Kanon. I know he gives Hazure impetus to do things but I don't give a shit about him. Maybe he'll end up not being the person she's been looking at.
- Abe Sadao's character being such a pussy he lets people trample all over him.
- Still haven't figured out where the lawyer guy fits into this.


Anone still hasn't hooked me yet. I kind of still don't get what this show is about except that its about a bunch of people with problems. Its got the acting and writing pedigree but I can't see the whole picture. I'll keep watching just because its Sakamoto. I've been really busy with Hokuto ga Gotoku so its going to be a while before I get to the awards.


Shane said...

Yeah it's a very random story. But when the writing, acting and directing is this good I can just go with the flow. Hopefully things come together well in the end. I think this show just has a really unique feel to it that I enjoy.

Don't forget to check out "Denei Shojo VIDEO GIRL AI 2018" for something more fun (with cute girls).

See you next time you come to Tokyo!

Akiramike said...

@Shane : Will give Denei Shoko a go!