Thursday, November 23, 2017

Yamegoku Episodes 1-4

So I somehow started watching this two year old jdorama while looking around for something to watch. I didn't give it a try the first time cause I saw Oshima Yuko's face and thought not another idoru vehicle dorama, which Yamegoku is. Decided to give Yamegoku a try cause its fully subbed and it would be fun to watch a show with all the yakuza terms I learned from Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku.

Yamegoku is an action comedy where Oshima Yuko plays a cop who helps yakuza break free from gang life but harbous a deep resentment for them. I don't really find it that funny and some jokes just went over me head but there are two things that have kept me watching all the way to four episodes and probably through to the end.

First is Kitamura Kazuki as Mikajima, this panpadour hair yakuza wannabe cop who is a scarey cat but has a heart of gold. He absolutely is the heart and star of this show. First rule of doing a show featuring a former idoru, give her top billing but a role with no acting required and let the show get carried by someone who can act. To be fair to Oshima Yuko, she's probably the best actress of the AKB bunch.

No two reason I've kept watching is that, they are doing a great job teasing the mystery of Oshima Yuko's past and they've kep the variety of clients wanting to quit the yakuza very interesting. Plus Endo Kenichi is in it and Oshima Yuko's no.1 target.

I came in with no expectations and I'm happy to say, Yamegoku doesn't suck. With jdramacity being down, I had to grab the torrent from avistaz. Unexpectedly watchable.

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