Thursday, November 02, 2017

Border Shokuzai

The conclusion to the cliffhanger ending of Border 3 years ago is finally here and I am happy to say that it does not suck! That being said, its less a climactic conclusion and more of a bridge between the end of season 1 and hopefully the beginning of season 2.

I won't spoil what happens in Shokuzai except to say that Oguri Shun is brought into questioning and gets involved in another murder case. Storyline-wise its not very exciting but its all about how Oguri Shun's character Ishikawa deals with crossing the line.

I love Omori Nao's bad guy taunting Oguri Shun with all the "how does it feel to be a murderer question" but sadly their interplay does not extend to the new murder case. I would have loved to see Omori Nao interplay with Oguri Shun especially when he uses illegal tactics to solve cases and Omori Nao could have inadvertently helped Oguri solve some cases.

Oh well. I just hope the ratings were good enough for season 2 and that Kaneshiro Kazuki, the writer of SP has good ideas for season 2. Border Shokuzai has not been subbed yet. Watchable.

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Anonymous said...

The rating was mediocre though. Only get 7.9%. I personally like the murder case in Haru's spinoff more