Saturday, November 11, 2017


EDIT: Looks like Hokuto has English subs! Thanks to anon for pointing that out. Please do watch it. It really is worth your time!

WOWOW have done it once again and created another strong contender for jdorama of the year. And surprisingly even with a jpop guy in the lead! Hokuto is about Hashizume Hokuto, a 20 year old who at the start of the story is in prison facing the death penalty for murdering two people.

As details about his crime are slowly revealed, we start to learn more about Hokuto's tragic past and what made is poor person commit those crimes.

Having just finished the series, I'm at a lost trying to process my thoughts. That was probably the heaviest episode I've ever seen. I feel emotionally spent and I'm trying to process everything I had just seen.

Hokuto is about cruelty and about how difficulty it is for people to escape horrible situations. Its about how people can become addicted and trapped in the cycle of abuse and how unconditional love can doom someone who has never known it.

A big thank you to keiko1981 for the Japanese subs. it made watching so much easier. The raws can be gotten from nyaa here. A definitely must watch and deserves to be subbed in English. Bravo WOWOW. Maybe they can even get Fukada Kyoko to actually act if they cast her in one of their shows. Or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Planning to watch this next! Is it too heavy? And is there a violence scene?

Akiramike said...

@Anon : There is a lot of violence and it is very heavy so make sure you're mentally prepared for it.

Anonymous said...

d-addicts has the subs!

Anonymous said...

"Maybe they can even get Fukada Kyoko to actually act"
Ha! As if.
There are eng subs on d-addicts and raws here for anyone who wants a nyaa alternative.

Shane said...

Thank you for recommending this. Easily one of the best Jdoramas I have ever seen.
The acting and directing were amazing. (Also, I think his sister is super cute with her husky voice).

If you have not seen this then you really have to.

Buck said...

I've watched a few Wowow shows lately and I felt so emotionally exhausted that I need to look for some mindless zanny shows to wash down.Will put this on my watch list.