Sunday, May 05, 2013

Things of note in Jdorama-land 5/5/13

1. D-addicts is down for the second time this week. :(

2. Looks like the fallout from Furransu 'I won't upload more episodes until it gets subbed' stance is that he's moved over to his own page, jdramacity so make sure its in your bookmarks.

Last I checked, the whole conversation about the issue was deleted from the thread.

3. Furransu has uploaded high res versions of the latest Minna, Esper Dayo! episode cause Subtle Reality has English subbed it up to episode 3! If you love pantsu, this is the dorama for you!

Need d-addicts back so I can download Japanese subs for episode 4 which hopefully Furransu has uploaded.

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Paul said...

D-addicts is back and 720p subtitled versions of eps 1 + 2 from Aozora and Hello!Fansubs are up.