Monday, May 20, 2013

The making of Love Exposure

Unfortunately, no Minna! Esper dayo! this week. Not having my week tousatsu fix is worse than not having Game of Thrones. Anyway, decided to watch something that I've been meaning to watch for a long time which is the making Love Exposure. I love this Jmovie classic. Its the only movie that I've written two reviews for. One general review and one spoiler review discussing all the subtext. As Mitsushima Hikari says in the making of, its a simple story but its so complicated.

I don't really get to see much stuff about making of Japanese movies. Most of the time with American movies, its everyone kissing each other's asses saying how great they are. The making of Love Exposure starts out with Sono Sion saying to the effect that he's not 100% sure about the movie and he sometimes thinks he shouldn't be making it.

It is very interesting to watch Sono Sion direct. He keeps a figurative distance between him and Mitsushima Hikari and he is not hesitant to tell her that her acting was bad. There's this bit where Sono Sion says he can't feel anything from her acting and calls her baka. As the staff on the movie slink away for a break, you don't know whether Mitsushima Hikari is a mess because its a crying scene or because of the huge pressure the director is putting on her. I'd like to see Sono Sion direct Fukuda Kyoko and scold her for having only 1 facial expression.

I need to rewatch this 4 hour epic with some KFC hot and spicy. Can't believe Sono Sion shot this epic movie in only 1 month! One month to shoot 4 hours of one of the greatest jmovies of all time. Had a look for the Japanese blu-ray and apparently the one they are selling on HMV Japan is the international version cause it has English subtitles and the English name on the cover. Its such an unpopular movie in Japan that there's no blu-ray Japanese version.

Lol. Do enough Sono Sion movies and its pretty much guaranteed you'd get to do one.

Now we know where Noriko's Dinner table came from.


Antspace said...

Saw it a year ago. Brilliant movie, brilliant making of! Found it somewhere on the net by coincidence. I watched it breathlessly, amazed at the incredible pressure on the crew. Sono Sion is a powerhouse and, as you can see in this making of, this movie's production was a masterclass for the actors.

jt said...

in an interview... i watched it on youtube a long time ago, that this movie is supposed to be 6 hours.. but the producers were not too happy...

well, if i wasnt reading your blog mike, i wouldnt be able to see this 3 yrs ago. definitely a classic. somehow, im glad im one of the few who watched this.

Jesus Christ Supercop said...

I watched this after I saw the movie. My interpretation of the part where Sono tells off Mitsushima is that he was just trying to manipulate her emotions to make her performance better. His ability to direct actors is not very good if he has to resort to such underhanded techniques, especially when he's working with someone as talented as Mitsushima.

Antspace said...

@ Jesus Christ Supercop.
The end result tells a different story though. I've never seen Mitsushima Hikari better then in Love Exposure. Same goes for much of the cast.

Anonymous said...

Rootabega here. I have to agree with Jesus Christ Supercop 100%. Mitsushima Hikari is in the first rank of young actresses in Japan. I cannot say the same for Sono as a director, and this is at a time when Japanese filmmaking has been at a low point for nearly a decade. Sorry for being harsh, but I have less respect for Sono as an artist after seeing this. But he does make a damn fine salesman for Tenga products on the telly.