Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Minna! Esper Dayo! ep 5

Here comes the weekly gallery of pantsu shots. :) I should seek out the Japanese Mano Erina boards and find out her fans' reactions to this dorama. I can't imagine many of them being familiar with Sono Sion.

A good drinking game for Minna Esper is chug everytime a we get a pantsu shot or hear the word onani.  Thanks to this episode, I will forever remember the world yariman.

At the beginning we are introduced to yet another esper Hideo and I wondering why doesn't Sono Sion just get to the story already? Interesting to note that the kanji for Hideo is 英雄 which is eiyuu/hero. Bloody Japanese with its multiple pronunciations.

Turns out the new psychometry guy has a nice story to tell and it gave our gang a mission to accomplish. Watching them working together with their powers is awesome.

Yoshio runs around saying he wants to save the world every episode and in this episode, he has the chance to make it slightly better. As always, Yoshio's relationship with Kaho is always the heart of this series.

Really fun episode. There's not much backstory to the characters but their chemistry as a whole is starting to grow on me. Normally I would be very happy noticing something white in this screencap... who am I kidding, I still am. :)

Kinda disappointed Sono Sion didn't do slow motion Mano Erina rubbing the bowling bowl...

.. and he didn't do a camera view from the back either. Standards are slipping. Maybe Mano Erina's contract states that Sono Sion can only do a limited amount of pantsu shots.

I wonder whether Kaho's agent told her she would have to do 100 pantsu shots in this dorama. No one else but Sono Sion can get good actresses to do perverted stuff just for kicks.

I am also disappointed after 5 episodes and 50 pantsu shots that we have not had shimapan.

Kaho and the 4, soon to be 5 boners. I'm feeling the need for the group to have a hot and sexy esper.

Nice reveal at the end. Looks like we're finally getting to the main story next episode. Can't wait. Also love the promo bit at the end where the psychometry guy finds out who Sergei is, lol.


gustave154 said...

Is it just me but did i see Rinko in this episode?
My eternal thanks to the director for giving us these awesome Mano and Kaho panty shots... =]

Akiramike said...

OMG it is her! I don't even remember her face.

Chinatsu said...

Which source you use to watch that got the japanese subtitle?

Akiramike said...