Monday, April 29, 2013

Sennyu Tantei Tokage ep 1

Matsuda Shota's character dresses like a ninja so he can climb up the air vent in his room and place bugs and cameras all over the ships air vents.

No idea what to watch this season. I think I've caught up with my doramas. Got a long list of movies and games though. Decided to give Sennyu Tantei Tokage a go since it had Matsuda Shota, Renbutsu Misako and Mimura. How bad could it be?

See anything wrong with this picture?

1. Baddy is pointing gun at stairs.
2. Hero is running in a straight line on top of the cars towards the bad guy.

3. Magically all the bullets miss our hero and he leaps at the baddy like so, making himself an even bigger target. Only people without brains and 6 year old boys will say this is so cool.

The answer is very bad. I have no idea what the Japanese audience/tv stations have against realist police shows but its so easy to make fun of this show that its sad. It feels like a police show made to impress 6 year old boys with great dialogue like, "I believe people can be saved with feelings!".

I don't understand the Japanese psyche. Why create a police dorama which is more akin to a sentai show in terms of logic, acting and dialogue? Why have the cliched the everyone hates the main character cause you know its because of stupid misunderstanding. Why is Renbutsu Misako's character a detective when her character is clearly inept and inexperienced? Does everyone in the police force start off as a detective?

This dorama makes me sad. The worst part is the ending where they could have had the ending of the cops stopping the illegal organ sale which could have saved the girl's life. Instead we have a cartoon villain father reveal who didn't want to donate his organs cause it would mean sacrificing his career. First of all, this is such a childish everything must end with a good ending scenario. If I'm not mistaken, Sennyu Tantei Tokage is shown at 9pm. Second of all, if donating one's own organ to dying daughter is career suicide instead of political plus, clearly logic does not exist in this dorama which is basically a superhero/sentai show.

I used to like Matsuoka Masahiro cause of Heaven Cannot Wait and Manhattan Love Story. Then I saw Yasuko to Kenji and now its obvious that like most Johnnys, he is a bad actor.

On a side note, I found out how to get Minna Esper Dayo! ep 3! Its a streaming page called Pandora TV and you can find ep 3 here.

The 848x480 x264 version of episode 3 has yet to be uploaded but I think this is where furransu gets his rips. You can download the videos by using flashget and VID-dl.


Sonnaaaaa~ said...

I thought the scene with the shots was really awful. It's like... how can you miss someone that much?

I feel bad for the actors in this, I know that they can do better.

I'd be interested in knowing what you think of the rest of this season's dramas. Out of everything so far, I think I like TAKE FIVE.

Ersby said...

You know, putting aside my obvious bias for shows that I'm subbing, you're probably right. It's more of a superhero show than a cop show.

I haven't really liked anything new so far this season.

Jung said...

Wow, talk about waste of good actors. I really hope they can turn things around for ep 2 and 3, because it's off to a disastrous start.

I've never seen Mimura so detached and aloof in any dorama. She has the look of "f*ck my life. Why did my agent sign me up for this $hit" in every single scene.

If you don't know which one to watch, dorama I like the best so far is "kamo, kyoto e iku". Maybe it's because I spent about 9 days roaming around Kyoto a few months ago. :-P

"soratobu kouhoushitsu" is quite enjoyable too. It's quite touching without being overly cheesy, which I'm highly allergic too. The fact that it deals with JSDF's public relation department is pretty interesting too.

Jesus Christ Supercop said...

If you like hyper-realistic, 2tactical4u gun battles that make a lot of sense, you should watch Wild 7. At your own risk, of course.

I've watched hardly any dramas for the longest time, but I'm presently watching Kasuka na Kanojo (because I recently got more curious about Anne Watanabe). The first episode was dull, and it seemed like they just took a standard genre drama and added a gimmick that barely makes any difference, but episodes two and three were much better. I particularly liked the satirical educational video in the beginning of ep 2 (the solution to its Problem Student of the Week was also clever).

Mrmz said...

Despite my biases, and I might continue watching it for that reason, but YOU ARE SOO RIGHT about this show!! Totally disappointing! I mean throughout the episode I was like "At least the baddie had a very important reason to do what he's doing" but then your like "WTH". The Matsuda shota was basically a super robot, which is juuuussst booooriiing!

I agree about "Soratobu Kouhoushitsu". I don't know why, even though I find some parts of it boring, the endings of the episode makes me attached to it and want to watch more (I've seen 2 episodes)
Jesus Christ Supercop you got me curious about Kasuka na Kanojo

Finally, if your asking about a good detective show, I don't know if you would watch korean, but there's this really good detective show called Special Affairs Team Ten, First season was 10 episodes, and the second is currently airing. Its produced by OCN, a korean channel that usually airs anything scifi, action, mystery, and they're pretty good at it.

Akiramike said...

The talent is so wasted on this show. This is the perfect stupid show to put people who can't act in.

JCS - I've had Wild 7 for a long time, I have a feeling I will be disappointed.

OMG, I'm being recommended Aragaki Yui and Katori Shingo doramas. Have jdoramas fallen this far?

ricecakestrong said...

If I was you, I'd get rid of Wild 7 files immediately. Unless you're hard core fan of Eita of course LOL.

I watched Kirishima Bukatsu Yameteruyo (winner of Japanese Academy Award this year), and I am impressed of this show. So much good acting all around from these mostly underrated or unknown actors and actresses. Very simple, everyday life movie, but implicit message (depending on your perceptions and points of view).

Akiramike said...

Ricecakestrong: Thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely check it out.

Akiramike said...

Didn't realise Ohgo Suzuka is in it! :) Must check out for me now.

Simone said...

I agree about this drama, it's very disappointing. In particular, I find Matsuda Shota has a total lack of expression.

As police drama, I much preferred Strawberry Night last year.

However, this season I rather like Saiko no Rikon and Sharehouse no Koibito.

I disagree about Johnny's not being good actors. It just depends which: Kimura is always dependable, so are Nakai Masahiro and the other SMAP members. Takizawa Hideaki and Ikuta Toma are very good too.

Shiranai Hito said...

Beside sennyu tantei tokage, i think shibatora are the same, when the MC talk too much about trust and simply believe the other person without spesific reason.