Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Minna Esper Dayo! eps 1+2

I worship at the alter of Sono Sion. He is my favourite jmovie director right now. Sadly I've not met one Japanese person who knows his movies. I wasn't so excited when I first heard of Sono Sion taking on Minna Esper Dayo! because it did not sound like a dark story, which is what he specialises in.

How wrong I was. I had forgotten about the playfulness and humour of Love Exposure and he uses it to full effect in this dorama which is a mix of Stand Up!! and super powers. Sometani Shota (Himizu) plays your typical virgin high school kid Yoshio who one day gets the power to read people's thoughts and hilarity ensues.

Mano Erina is Asami, the transfer student from Tokyo and the object of Yoshio's erections. I'm sad that Mano Erina has stopped singing to be an actress but she couldn't have picked a better director to work with post graduation. Maybe her management is thinking that Sono Sion can do for her what he did for Mitsuhima Hikari but Mano Erina is nowhere at her level. Still a good start.

Kaho is Miyuki, Yoshio's childhood friend and she willingly displays her pantsu for all to see unlike Mano Erina. You can tell cause whenever there's a Mano Erina pantsu shot, the scene will cut to a view from behind but we cannot see her face which suggests a pantsu double. There is a scene where Kaho's breasts get groped and it looks like a breast double but hats off to Kaho for not using a double for pantsu shots. Her management knows how to pick good shows for her.

Mano Erina's no longer an idol. No need to 'protect' her image. However, its must be said that hearing her say the words onani twice is shocking. I'm sure her Japanese fans are going, "I can't believe our pure idol said that!". Hope Mano Erina can be a regular on Sono Sion projects like Kagurazaka Megumi.

Lots of weird, perverted and funny usage of psychic powers in Minna Esper Dayo! Thank the dorama gods its a late night dorama so we can have all sorts of thoughts when Yoshio reads people's minds. Huge thanks to Furransu for uploading the Japanese subs. Makes watching so much easier. I do not hesitate to recommend this, especially if you like Stand Up!! Can't wait for the next episode.

I nearly fell off the bed, lol. Not your typical heroine.

Why did these type of things never happened to me in high school?


Shades of Love Exposure.

Can't we have ichigo or shimapan?

Poor Kaho.

Too many ROFL moments in this show.


Shane said...

When I saw the synopsis for this show I wasn't interested. But that pic of Kaho tied up ALONE has changed my mind! I can't believe all those pantsu shots are from just 2 episodes...

Akiramike said...

Kaho looks like she's having lots of fun in this series. Furransu won't upload ep 3 until English softsubs are available. Aaarrrgghh. Anyone know where to get the raws besides d-addicts?

Antspace said...
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Antspace said...

Azaorasubs is working on subs for this. Subs for ep 1 seem to be almost ready. See

Antspace said...

Damn! Only now I found out about the discussion about this on D-Addicts. It became complicated. SacredCultivator of Aozorasubs being fed up with Furransu and all : (
I just hope this will be resolved.

Anonymous said...

what's the song at the end credits?

Akiramike said...

夜間飛行 by 石崎ひゅーい.
Yakkanhikou (Night Flight) by Ichizaki Yuui