Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi eps 2-12

Watched the rest of the series in one shot. Its a much better version of Shinzanmono. The benri-ya angle makes it easier to tell stories about people who live in a small town without trying to tie it into a crime. My favourite bit is that it doesn't always try to end it with a cheesy moral ending. Actually, I would say its very similar to Shinya Shokudo.


- Episode 2 about the woman in the karaoke video. Funny with a simple and sweet ending.

- Episode 3 - Kawamura Yukie!!! Besides the large amount of cleavage shots, this is one funny episode. Love Gyoten's use of the stun gun. Very Shinya Shokudo like with stuff from previous episodes appearing to be of use in later ones.

- Did I mention Kawamura Yukie?

- Episode 4 is awesome. The creepy mannequin and the son who could have set the fire and the simple ending. Simple stories about deep emotional scars without trying to preach to the audience.

- Episode 5 is a nice episode about the two adopted brothers.

- Episode 6 is my favourite episode. The ending is just awesome when Usuda Asami goes off. I like Tada saying, "I don't know if she's right and I don't know if she's wrong either". She knows its wrong but who can blame her? Anytime a dorama is able to go to morally gray areas and not try to talk at the audience is a great thing. Speaking of Usuda Asami, I can't wait for the Suzuki Sensei movie which is coming out on DVD on 5th of July!

- Kora Kengo as a yakuza.

- Maki Yoko!!! The Eita-Maki Yoko chemistry lives again!

- The gun episode coming to play at the end.


- Episode 8 wasn't that funny nor the girl interesting.

- Did the 'samishii-yo' story need 2 episodes to tell? I understand the writer wanted to parallel Samishii girl's relationship with her friend with the Benri brothers and it was hard to squeeze everything into one episode.

- Maki Yoko story being kind of meh. Probably cause it took another 2 episodes. It felt like a forced two-parter just cause it was the last story.


I really love Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi when its about the characters that show up and the story takes one episode.  When it its more than 1 episode and becomes a lot about more Tada and Gyoten than other people, it just drags for me. Though I wasn't that enamored with the last four episodes, on the whole its on par with the first season of Shinya Shokudo and has a few must watch stories so I have to give it a must watch. I didn't watch the movie and generally the stories are stand alone so I don't think its necessary.


Shane said...

Glad you enjoyed it, I thought you would! The only thing I would would say is about the final 2 episodes. I actually thought this was a nice change up from the formulaic nature of the show (stories being neatly rapped up in one episode). Things also got more serious with the introduction of the Yakuza guy (which was played surprisingly well by Kora Kengo). And personally, I really enjoyed seeing more of the relationship between the two lead characters. The fact that the show can be appealing to different people in different ways is truly impressive.

I must say, Winter 2013 was a great season for Jdoramas! So many good shows...too bad Spring isn't looking very exciting.

Paul said...

I think it's worth watching the movie, has a bit of back story about their relationship.

You can watch it after I guess....treat it like a prequel.

lzyData said...

This drama is awesome. I love how Tada tries to find some glory and honour in what is objectively quite a pathetic job, while Gyoten is so usually so laid back but is game for anything to support Tada.

Also prefer Maki Yoko's hair here than in Saiko no rikon.

Paul: I also watched the movie after the drama. Very good too, except that I couldn't accept the discrepancy in the retelling of how the two got together.

Shane said...

Actually, the story Gyoten told in the series about how he met Tada was made up. Tada actually says after that it's a lie. So there's no discrepancy...I need to watch the movie!

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