Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tsugunai Ep 3

I was high on the first two episodes but sadly, some flaws were pretty apparent in the third and final episode. Firstly, I must say the story is pretty good but I have three problems with ep 3. Firstly, way too much descriptive emotional descriptions, ie I'm feeling this because of a,b and c instead of showing the audience. Its always better to show than tell.

Secondly, there is something that happens which is totally against the concepts of doctor-patient confidentiality which I'm pretty sure exists in Japan. I know Kimura Tae's character really likes our homeless hero but it is so wrong how easily she agrees to see the kid and report everything to him.

Third is the directing which is not better than usual but just not up to the standard WOWOW levels. Yes, its an NHK dorama but I can't help comparing the directing to Hitori Shizuka which is definitely better. There is an action scene in the end which should have been very exciting but ends up being pedestrian.

Not hating on Tsugunai, just a bit disappointed with execution in the end. In the end still very watchable thriller. Love the twist, just kind of wished that WOW had made it instead.

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