Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jmovie review: Ai to Makoto

I was intrigued by this Miike Takashi musical despite the fact Takei Emi is in it. I don't even think I've seen a Japanese musical before. The first thing I think of when I thinking of music and Japanese movies is Sakuran. That was a movie where the music was equally important is making it very good.

Ai to Makoto to me, is just so boring. Musical scenes which just feel unnecessary and long. Its basically Crows Zero with songs thrown in here and there that don't bring anything to the movie. The movie works better when the characters aren't singing. There's something to be mined there in terms of comedy with the violent Makoto and the proper ojousan Ai but there are not laughs and no chemistry.

Watching Ai to Makoto was a labour for me. I kept wishing I was high so I could have at least laughed during the boring musical numbers and the Crows Zero style trading punches fights. Avoid.

For some reason, this line got me really excited.


eliza bennet said...

I recommend Happiness of the Katakuris as a Japanese musical. It is also directed by Takeshi Miike and really good.

Miike san remade it from an equally hillarious (but non musical) S.Korean film The Quiet Family.

Akiramike said...

Thanks for the recommendation! Will definitely watch it.