Monday, July 02, 2012

Rewatching Suzuki sensei eps 8-10

I watched the last 3 episodes with Japanese subs so I needed to rewatch the episodes with English subs and see what I missed. Probably the biggest thing I missed was Asami, Suzuki's girlfriend confirming that she can send manifestations. The actual kanji is  生霊 (vengeful spirit) 飛ばす(launch/fly). It doesn't really state that she can read Suzuki's mind but he sort of confirms it by stating that he can can't cheat on her or fantasize about other women.

I had completely forgotten about Taruko sensei when doing the awards for 2011. In terms of acting definitely better than Moriyama sensei from Doctors and equally entertaining to watch. Her performance was more 'subdued' and not as noticeable compared to Kawabe's. I probably should have given best supporting actress to both of them.

Another thing I noticed was that at the end, Taruko sensei herself was a participant in Suzuki's educational philosophy. Because she wanted to sabotage it, Taruko sensei participated in the discussions through a proxy and was defeated by students who proved themselves more mature than the teachers give them credit for.

Suzuki's happiness to see his students working out the issue themselves. What actually is the Suzuki educational philosophy? I remember him saying that normal students themselves are actually have more problems behind the scenes. Ogawa is central to his plan because she is the steadying force. The one student he can count on.

Perhaps Suzuki sensei's plan can be summed up as students are more mature than people give them credit for and they should be allowed to come to their own conclusions. I need to rewatch this dorama again. I was looking through my reviews and I had written that episode 7 was on par with episode 1 of Shokuzai. That's what happens when you watch a series with long breaks between episodes, things get a bit hazy.

I didn't mind Tantan's acting on the second viewing. I guess I was enjoying not having to concentrate more.  Looks like they never confirmed Ogawa's powers. It seems like she can send manifestations like Asami but she does not have Asami's mind reading powers. Ogawa didn't know about Asami. Perhaps their powers are less mind reading and more emotional reading like being able to read someone's feeling of lust? Perhaps all will be revealed in the Suzuki sensei movie which is coming out this year?

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