Monday, July 23, 2012

Iki mo dekinai natsu eps 1+2

I am so sick of Takei Emi because she's been in so many doramas the past 2 years. Its not because her acting is that bad but she hasn't shown me anything that makes me go wow. I don't see any screen presence nor any really good acting ability to justify her push. When I first saw Ueno Juri in Swing Girls it was very obvious that she had something special. Takei Emi doesn't suck but she's getting a much bigger push than she deserves.

That said, I'm watching Iki Mo Dekinai Natsu because it is about a subject matter that interests me, that is the whole family register thing in Japan. Firstly, Takei Emi's character Rei was born without a birth certificate. I question why it wasn't possible for her stepfather to be put as the father on her birth certificate or even Rei not to have a father on the birth certificate. I'm guessing its because it a public record thing and anyone can access it.

How can anyone married to such a hot wife be so despondent? I guess we'll find out.

Probably something to do with her being a hot widow. Hhhmm.

Back to family register, because Rei never had a birth certificate, she was never entered into her mom's family registry and cannot get an identity card. In order words, she has no identity documents and doesn't legally exist. Marriage certificates are public documents in Australia but I don't think it is for birth certificates. Without being in a family registry, Rei is unable to become a full time employee, get a passport or rent a mansion.

After watching Cleopatra, those huge eyes look enchanced to me.

Good news is that Rei will able to get added to her mother's family register but in order to do so, she'll have to be put on her father's family register and then moved to her mom's. I'm still querying why her mom can't say her deceased stepdad is the father put her there instead of her biological father. Are they going to request a DNA test?

Hot hafu chick but I just find the bakery scenes too fake.

I like the revelation of why the mom never got Rei a birth certificate or put her in the family register in the first place. Pretty good reason Eguchi Yosuke's saying that only Rei's name will appear in her father's family register is definitely not safe in this world where you can look up anyone's information on the internet with just a name. I'm impressed that the ward office has a night shift. With Japanese working long hours, it would seem impossible for a lot of people to go during normal business hours. It would be pretty good job since one can't get that many customers at night.

Fuji TV have surrounded Takei Emi with great actors in Eguchi Yosuke and Kimura Yoshino. Direction wise, its your super ultra bright lighting generic looking dorama. I would have avoided Iki mo dekinai natsu if not for the subject matter but right now, I'm finding it watchable.


Sonnaaaaa~ said...

I'm still querying why her mom can't say her deceased stepdad is the father put her there instead of her biological father.

I think they said in the drama that it's because she was married to Kaname when she got pregnant and no matter what, if she was pregnant while being married to Kaname, it has to go on Kaname's registry, even if Kaname's not the dad.

The only way to get around that would be that Mother divorced Kaname, waited 300 days, got pregnant with Stepdad's child, and then that was it.

Jesus Christ Supercop said...

The second episode made me more interested in the story because it fills in a lot of blanks, particularly the nature of the family registry debacle. I still doubt it's going to be a particularly good show, but it doesn't seem like it's going to be a bad one either.

I was just looking at Takei's filmography and realized I actually have seen her before, in The Cherry Orchard (pretty nice movie, but I don't remember her role in it).

lzyData said...

There is a moment when Takei Emi says "I am a person who does not exist." With a straight face. This business about how some children can grow up without a family register and thus cannot rent an apartment or apply for a passport would be ridiculous if there weren't really such cases. It's just so ridiculously bureaucratic and rigid. If a koseki is so important there had better be ways to register everyone who obviously exists no matter how complicated the family situation is.

lzyData said...

Sorry for posting again, but I forgot to say this. For the current season, I'm really enjoying Boys on the Run so far. It's hilarious. I think you guys will like it.