Saturday, July 28, 2012

Higashino Keigo Mysteries ep 1-3

Higashino Keigo is apparently a famous mystery writer and he is the guy who wrote Yogisha X no Kenshin (Suspect X). Each episode is a stand alone mystery starring big names with Nakai Kiichi's mystery at the beginning of each episode. The first three episodes so far are well done, very watchable but somehow nothing really stood out for me.

I guess its because I'm comparing it to Furuhata Ninzaburo which I rate as must watch. The stories are pretty much about the twist and less about the criminal trying to hide the crime. My reaction to episode 1 was, 'her whole plan hinged on that one small clue?'. Episode 2's twist was pretty good except they didn't need to drive all the way. Episode 3 was interesting character-wise but it was over pretty quick.

The best thing for me in Suspect X wasn't the twist but the character and acting and there's not enough time in one hour to develop any characters well. Can't complain. Higashino Keigo Mysteries is what it is: very watchable short stories.

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