Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hatsune Miku append figure

I remember seeing this image during my first trip to Japan and thinking I've got to get this if they ever make a figure out of it!

Its been a long wait waiting for this. Preorders opened right after my second trip this year.

And.... it looks bad from the front...

and worse from a lower angle.

Looks brilliant from a 45 degree angle...

and from the side.

Back view.

I need to place it someplace lower but I'm so afraid of that protruding part of her top snapping if it falls.

Looks good from this angle which I only get if I'm standing. Look at all that dust. If I won the lottery and could afford my own place, I would buy glass cabinets to house my figures and never have to worry about dusting again.

Kind of disappointed that Miku Append only looks good from certain angles. My favourite Miku figure so far has to be the World is Mine figure. Now I've got to resist temptation to buy the Love is War figure...

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