Sunday, November 13, 2011

Suzuki Sensei ep 5

I've got a few jdorama reviews swimming in my head but have just been too lazy to take screencaps and start typing. Then I watched episode 5 of Suzuki sensei and I just had to write about it. Episode 5 starts of with more of Suzuki sensei and his wild fantasies about Ogawa. The revelation at the end of episode 4 casts doubt on whether the fantasies are his imagination going wild or a product of some mental projection from Ogawa.

I love the possibility and I love the tease that it could be true. More importantly, it doesn't have to be for the storyline to work. It is the possibility that makes it fun to watch as it enables the viewer to see things in two different ways. It also gives the viewer impetus to watch closely and look for clues whether it is one or the other. Is Ogawa sharing in his fantasies or is Suzuki sensei letting his infatuation with her get out of hand?

Episode 5 deals with friendship, jealousy and changing oneself to better get along with others. But first, a new sports teacher Tsuzuki sensei arrives threatening Suzuki sensei's throne of most admired teacher. Worse, Tsuzuki sensei seems to be acquainted with Ogawa which ignites Suzuki sensei's infatuation with Ogawa even more. The scene with Suzuki sensei typing angrily was overacted too much IMO and went too much into camp which does not fit in the dorama world. Have to admit it was funny though.

Ogawa and Honoka have become the best of friends and this provokes Saki to start spreading rumours about Ogawa and Tsuzuki sensei. One thing leads to another and suddenly the rumour takes a life of its own and gets connected with the identity of the person Ogawa really likes, which is the main mystery for Suzuki sensei and the viewers.

I have to say, I am still a bit unclear on the whole class experiment thing. Suzuki sensei has said that normal students usually have issues that are buried and Ogawa was central to his plan because she is the model student. The show has been pretty much the Ogawa fascination, whether she can project her thoughts and what is Asami's role in the story going to be. I'm starting to think its just Suzuki sensei's way to justify spending so much time thinking about Ogawa.

I liked how ep 5 incorporated more Ogawa teasing the audience and Suzuki with a look at Saki feeling betrayed by Honoka and turning her ill feelings towards Ogawa. Like episode 4, you have another student seeking an outlet for negative emotions and not realising the harm the student is doing. Once again, I can't hate Saki because you can see her point of view, however misguided. Its kind of like the intro of the song where the students put on Suzuki sensei's glasses and pass it on. Its like seeing the world through each of the characters' eyes and the quality of the writing and acting makes them more than 2D cut out problem students.

I felt that there had to be a big reveal at the end of the episode and boy, it was an interesting one. It also made me think about Suzuki sensei's rationalisation to refer to Ogawa as god. We know that Ogawa is self conscious of other's perception of her and wants to be liked and get along with everyone. We know that Suzuki and Tsuzuki worship her. We know that at least 5 guys in the class do.

We know that there is a possibility she has the ability to project her thoughts onto others. What if she had been actually doing it to the 5 classmates and the two teachers? Subconsciously making them fall in love with her? I am sorely tempted to watch the rest of the series raw to find out....


Jesus Christ Supercop said...

Suzuki Sensei is starting to sound really intriguing. Judging by the screencaps it's also got some very good visuals going on. I think I'll have to check it out.

I just started watching Boku to Star no 99 Nichi on a whim. I was a little surprised to discover that it's actually really good. The cast is great (and unusual; with Kim Tae-hee co-starring, you'd think they would have gone with some popular actor to play opposite her, i.e. a safe bet), the director clearly isn't phoning it in, it's entertaining, and the music is pretty good.

Akiramike said...

You won't regret watching Suzuki sensei.

Jung said...

Imma have to kick Jesus Christ Supercops' ass for suggesting Boku to Star is "really good" -_-;

Jesus Christ Supercop said...

Haters gonna hate.

Anonymous said...

i just finished episode 5 of Suzuki Sensei and i have so many questions... so who do you think does Ogawa really like? and why is everybody just so concerned? what's up with Suzuki and Tsuzuki worshipping her like a God, that's kind of disgusting? what does she mean to say to Suzuki before she went back to the classroom to continue her cleaning duties, what was that getting to be liked by the teachers? and then Suzuki's fantasies about her suddenly stopped? so did she stopped manifesting Suzuki's mind or was it Suzuki's own will to stop his fantasies? it's like EVERYONE IS OBSESSED WITH OGAWA O_O. is she even human.

haha sorry, i'm so confused... if you know the answers, thank you! :)

Akiramike said...

1) Who does Ogawa like? You'll have to keep watching.

2) So concerned about Ogawa? Cause she's like this perfect girl?

3) Probably easier to say they are attracted to her because she is a model student.

4) Keep watching for the rest but that's the questions are part of what makes the dorama intriguing.

Lalith Vipulananthan said...

Only a year late to the party, but I'm finally watching Suzuki Sensei based on your recommendation and it's amazing.

The visions/manifestations make me twitch a little on the basis that this is supposed to be a realistic school drama, but there remains the possibility that it's all in his head (although his text message to Asami and her response seems to validate that it's true).

Anyway, I just finished watching this episode and I boggled somewhat at the failure to mention STDs as perfectly valid reason for using (male) contraception.

Still the best serious drama I've watched in absolutely ages. Thank you for reviewing so many dramas, as your recommendations have been excellent so far.