Monday, October 25, 2010

5 reasons to watch Hammer Session ep 4

Reason no 1

Reason no 2

Reason no 3

Reason no 4

Reason no 5

Her name is Aizawa Rina and she was Yellow Ranger in Engine Sentai go-onger, which I am going to watch right after this post. If Yellow Ranger is this hot, I can't imagine what Pink Ranger must look like. This is of course assuming that there is a rule which says that Pink Ranger in sentai shows is usually the cutest one. As I've said in my previous post about Hammer Session. This show is so mediocre and by the numbers. GTO and Dragon Zakura showed that you need a main actor with tons of charisma to make it work and Hayami Mokomichi is not that actor.

The eye candy in this show however surpasses even the mighty GTO. Sadly it is completely devoid of homour and the Hammer Sessions are just a fancy name for teacher teaches student a lesson in a boring way. ZZZzzzz. I basically drooled all over episode 4 and just fast forwarded the hammer session. Look, Hammer Session is not unwatchable, its just a tick-the-boxes, dorama by committee show without a soul. However that doesn't mean it not pretty to look at. Sigh, I am so shallow.

EDIT: Unfortunately, Aizawa Rina is the only chick in Engine Sentai Go-onger. How dare they break the rules of sentai shows by having 4 guys and 1 girl! If anything, sentai shows should increase the chick ratio to 3:2 in order to attract older fans. If mahou shoujo anime can tap into this demographic, so should sentai shows.


Jung said...

We all love your open shallowness Mike. ;-)

What the hell is going on in that last picture anyway? lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah Hammer Session had immensely Eyecandy which even compensates for Mokomichi :P

It even has all stereotypes like the shoolkids date older guys, be hostesses and so on.. so all summed up but Mokomichi isn't GTO .. well noone is :P

Anonymous said...

not even GTO is GTO anymore :(

Anonymous said...

there is no go-on pink but there is a silver, played by the lovely sugimoto yumi

also there's kegalesia played by av star oikawa nao

Anonymous said...

eye candy vs quality. i think moteki was able to combine that this year.

even with less quality, eye candy will save the day. but saving the whole series with eye candy? i better watch Victoria Secret runway.

Jung said...

well I caved and gave ep1-3 a go.

This show is crap! Mike, you're being too generous. You're letting the moe factor cloud your judgment.

Never realized how bad Hayami Mokomichi until today.

Takashi Sorimachi was only 25 in GTO.. Mokomichi is 26. Sorimachi was so much more convincing as a teacher.

Akiramike said...

Jung, I gave five reasons to watch eps 2 and 4 and none of them are about the show being good.

Mokimochi is horrible. Anyone who complains about Sorimachi's acting should watch this show to see what bad acting is like.