Wednesday, August 04, 2010

5 Reasons to watch Hammer Session ep 2

Reason no 1

That's Takayama Yuko from Futatsu no Spica. Don't really remember her from it cause Sakuraba Nanami just stole the show.

Reason no 2

She's got the Hirosue Ryoko facial expressions.

Reason no 3

What could she be doing?

Reason no 4

Why I want to teach high school in Japan when I grow up.

Reason no 5

Yup, that is Irie Sayaa next to Shida Mirai. As she gets older, she loses her uniqueness before becoming just another yama gravure idol.

Fanservice aside, Hammer Session is an attempt to update the GTO formula for the 2K10 era. Instead of of a former yankee, we have a robin hood conman, Hachisuka Goro played Hayami Mokomichi. Hachisuka is on the run from the cops and runs into Kita Yoshio who is the high school principal. Kita Yoshio then offers to hide Hachisuka if he will teach in the school and help with the problem students. Obviously the school must be very fucked up if Kita Yoshio can risk completely tarnishing his and the school's reputation except it doesn't seem so different from any school.

 I wonder what he might be looking at..

The name of the dorama refers to Hachisuka basically 'conning' his students into situations where they would have to face their problems head on.The problem with the concept is that its not so different from stuff in GTO and various other teacher/problem youth doramas. Its just a fancy name for something that we've seen before. The Hammer Sessions just aren't special enough in terms of ingenuity especially with Hachisuka being this world renown conman. 

I would get sick in this high school everyday...

Actually the main problem is Hayami Mokomichi. All his fake tan and hair gel does not buy him half the charisma of Sorimachi Takashi. GTO can make the lamest lines and simplest acts seem cool. Hayami just doesn't have the charisma to be a decent main actor, or rather he does not have the acting chops/screen presence the elevate the mediocre script.

Stupid rails blocking my view of her thighs..

Seriously, without the quality of the eye candy in Hammer Session, I would have not watched ep 2. There's a chance the Hammer Sessions would get better as the series goes on but its just going to be another high mediocre high school teacher solves one student's problem per episode until he has to leave the school at the end. I probably make the stories sound worse than they are because I just can't stop thinking about how good GTO is when I watch Hammer Session.

 Can't wait for K-on on PSP!

It certainly lacks the humour and Miyabi. Every high school jdorama needs an evil bitch. At the end of the day, I'd rather watch a by the numbers jdorama with lots of girls to look at than a big budget Johhnys dorama that is ruined by horrible acting and lack of chemistry. *cough* Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro Kagayaku *cough*.


Anonymous said...

I like the drama, but I don't love it. I wished they focused more on the main character and shida mirai. So far, from ep1 and ep2, they're focusing a lot of characters with problems. I like the idea that the main character is a swindler, but he's not in there far from what I've seen.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow hamsaplou, I'm disappointed that you didn't mention that Miss "I would get sick in this high school everyday..." is actually Miss Universe Japan 2009, and also the young actress playing Mizuno Mayu as the only other eyecandy worth checking out.

Akiramike said...

Didn't know she was Miss Universe Japan. I'm usually not interested because its Miss Universe is usually the gaijin idea of beauty with girls of a more Western look but she looks pretty hot in the show, though nothing to really separate her from the hundreds of gravure idols.

I apologise to my fellow hamsaplous for being negligent.

yunho said...

thank you for the recap.