Thursday, October 21, 2010

Keizoku 2: Spec ep 1

 Keizoku 2 starts off with Kase Ryo playing the leader of this police squad, Sebumi Takeru who is storming this warehouse in a firefight with unknown assailants. On a side note, someone needs to do a parody skit/episode about how 99% of action scenes in jdoramas happen in abandoned warehouses. Anyway, they storm the warehouse and Sebumi comes face to face with his colleague who fires his gun at Sebumi in matrix bullet time and somehow the colleague gets killed by the bullets that he just fired.

This scene made me so hungry.

As punishment, Sebumi is transferred to the keizoku department or unsolved cases section where he meets Toma Saya (Toda Erika) this very weird acting but genius girl. I can really see Toda Erika channeling Nakatani Miki in her acting while Kase Ryo's character is way more uptight and more military like compared to Watabe Atsuro's character in the first series. Joining them is the old chief and there still is the subplot of him promising his very young lover that he would leave his wife for her.

Hhm, kind of reminds me of the Akimoto Sayaka scandal.

The spec part refers to humans who are able to use more than 10% of their brain or in other words mutants/people with powers or whatever you want to call it. There seems to be big conspiracy in place with this spec organisation being responsible for getting Sebumi transferred to keizoku. When the kid turned up at the end, alarm bells were going on in my head. Not another smirking, pretending to have a plan brat! If I want to see cartoonish villains I'd rather watch sentai shows. Whoever wrote this show better have a damn good explanation on why this spec organisation puts so much importance on Sebumi and Toma as to force the transfer and sacrifice one of their own.

The final revelation got me excited for episode 2. Either Sebumi or Toma have to be a spec. The first series of Keizoku was a variation of the Trick formula with two dysfunctional main characters and dry humour with lots of weirdness and oddball characters. Keizoku 2 is more of the same and the super powers part something different but can actually break the show. Certain powers like fortune telling certainly belong to the weird and wonderful world of Trick and Keizoku but time stopping, telekinesis, and super human speed gives a much more serious vibe. I'm expecting episode 2 to start off with Sebumi testing whether he has powers by having things thrown at him or something.

So I'm guessing for every episode, Sebumi and Toma are going to investigate a crime that cannot be explained unless the criminal has some super power and the villains are going to mouth off some random clue about the spec organisation at the end. Hopefully it will be an entertaining show but it ultimately hinges on the spec organisation and whether the writer can explain their actions. Their motives are of course going to be we are the next evolution of humans, we are better and deserve to rule the Japan blah blah blah. I just hope that the kid isn't the boss.

 On a side note, sadly no news on Iryu 3 subbing. I just did a season 1 and 2 marathon this weekend and the music is just too awesome. The only Iryu 3 torrent on d-addicts is a 4 gig file but there is a 1.4 torrent at nyaa. 


Anonymous said...

I didn't like the drama too much because of its odd Japanese humor and style. However, the ending did get extremely interesting so i'm going to give the 2nd episode a chance. Drama is very cute though, just like most jdoramas.

Anonymous said...

"team dragon" is doing iryu 3 subtitle..

chobuki said...

My guess is Toma's ex being the final villain.

Akiramike said...

Thanks for the link for Iryu 3.

Chobuki, I'm pretty sure your prediction for Toma's ex is spot on which means an evil organisation run by kids. Gah.

chobuki said...

FWIW, the official site has the age of the kid as "unspecified" and Toma's ex as 24. But more importantly, the show's been quite ambitious so far, and I can only hope that they maintain the standard shown in ep3.

Anonymous said...

same time slot as unubore deka

I miss unubore already

Anonymous said...

did anyone notice a parody of Jikou Keisatsu (a 2006 crime comedy drama starring Joe Odagiri) in episode 1?