Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ninkyo Helper ep 9

There's this reveal at the end of the episode involving photographs which is a bit head scratching. The lighting and quality of the pictures means that they were not taken from some hidden camera far from the action. Looking at the angles of the shots, the only conclusion is that the cameraman had to be in the midst of the action and I certainly didn't see any cameraman. When Kuroki Meisa smashed the bottle on the guy's head, I'm pretty sure there was no one else around to take the shot from her front.

This lack of attention to detail just shows laziness. Grainy zoomed security camera type shots would have made much more sense and I'm sure Haruna would have made out who the people were. This is not the same as leaving some explanations open for the viewer because the show is more concerned with the premise. This is a plot device that absolutely insults the intelligence of the viewers and this episode already had another mind boggling plot device, namely Kuroki Meisa and that scrawny son of the boss charging in blind so they can be hostages. That guy is so skinny that I don't think he can even hurt anyone.

That said, Ninkyo Helper is probably the best show this season, which is pretty sad. It started getting slow in the middle and has picked up the last two episodes when the yakuza element was more into play. I enjoy the interaction between Hikoichi and the little kid more than all the elderly care stories. The whole reluctant yakuza and persistent kid who looks up to him for guidance is fun. Now its all up the the reveal why the Hayabusa boss sent them there to make of break this series.

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