Sunday, September 06, 2009

Dandy Daddy? eps 1-3

Dandy Daddy? is another father daughter jdorama starring the dad from Papa no Musume Nanokakan. Good thing Aragaki Yui isn't in it too infect the dorama with her too moe but void of acting skills talent. The hook of this show is that the father Izaki Ryunosuke is a very successful romance writer with a reputation as a rolling stone. While he is considered a great author in the affairs of the heart, he is as conservative and overprotective as they come when it comes to his daughter Akari, played by Minamisawa Nao from Akai Ito.

I think that something in Japanese food is causing the girls to have big eyes....

The first three eps run the same way. Ryunosuke who is forever the hypocrite does something to piss Akari off, they fight and then make up again with some lame sappy scene at the end. On paper, its a nice concept. A romance writer who is two faced when it comes to his daughter. I was really getting sick of the repetition and the father's lack of a backbone by the third episode. That's why I wanted to wait until the subs for the 3rd episode came out before writing a review.

Hirayama Aya is still looking for that breakthrough role after Haruka 17.

We've seen this type of fatherly behaviour before in Oyaji and it was a hoot to watch. There is something missing in Dandy Daddy? and its not the acting. The one answer is the chemistry. Ryunosuke and Akari's relationship just doesn't have that family feel. The way they bicker is really boring. I'm just wondering through 3 episodes why she even bothers to put up with her shallow and selfish father?

Its hard to choose between three of them..

Actually the main reason maybe that we can hear Ryunosuke's thoughts whereas in Oyaji we don't. So we can't really say he is an asshole, but.... he loves his child in his own way. Ryunosuke has not principles. He acts like a child while Akari and Yuki act like adults. That's suppose to be why its funny but its not. The more I can hear RYunosuke's wishy washy and conceited thoughts, the more I get sick of his act.

but Hayashi Tantan does make a strong case....

However, this dorama can still be saved. Ep 3 plants the seeds for side stories for the supporting characters and Ryunosuke vs Yuki's dad should be fun. They need to stop with the fight -> reconcile formula or at least change it up. From the dramawiki it seems like Ryunosuke is going to meet someone who looks like his wife so that's something else to look forward to. There's a big chance Dany Daddy? is going to get better at the midway mark but I've been wrong too many times to be optimistic.

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The same food that's making girls to have bigger eyes are apparently making Japanese guys to have very bad hair...